Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Out Post Inn @Cedar Creek

This is a photo of The Outpost Inn B&B in Round Top, Texas (of course this shows it in the spring with the bluebonnets & other wild flowers) where I spent the night on Friday night. If you remember me telling you HERE a few days ago that I was going down for a jewelry design class with Diane Cook (yes, I will post about the class in a few days) and it is too far to do in one day. So Friday morning I got in my van & headed south. It was a grey misty day & I enjoyed looking at the scenery as I drove down the Interstate. I don't often travel by myself & I kind of enjoyed just looking around in the peace & quite OR choosing to listen to what I wanted to listen to on the radio. When I pullled into town (Round Top is SMALL) I wanted to find my B&B before dark. The roads were so muddy that I was afraid I might get stuck. As I pulled up the muddy drive this is the main house where my room was located.
The house was built in the late 1800's by a german imigrant family by the name of Hedwig.
As I came around the curve of the road (passing vintage farm equipement) the skies were so very grey & the most beautiful RED BIRD flew right by my window. It truley was a bright spot in all that grey.
The photo on the left shows the barn which was a WONDERFUL building which was the office where you check in, the kitchen/dinning room & a lovely living room area. I would LOVE to have my studio in there!!!! The middle photo is looking up at the house from the barn. And the one on the right is another building that has a suite in it. Don't you love the windmill? (Click on the photos to enlarge if you would like to see more detail).

Here is a view of the living room area. The conference table is to the right of this photo.
And this is the HUGE kitchen area with Lenore (right)the owner whipping up breakfast. And Doris is her right hand for all things needing done. I really enjoyed visiting with these two wonderful women. Lenore is a lovely, interesting, gracious woman that has such vision to create this property. She made the most amazing Apple/Pear Crisp for breakfast. After going into town to eat at Royer's Cafe (which is a huge/well published landmark) & blowing my diet (blue cheese bacon burger & fries...followed by a slice of homemade cherry pie alamode) I went back to the house & Lenore offered her private parlor for TV watching. It was dark & cozy with just the table lamps glowing in the dark. And I took my cheap camera sooooooooooo we had a lot of flash that did not show off the stenciled walls that were done a long time ago & are still in amazing shape. Sorry for the scary green color. Even with using Picnik it still doesn't do them justice. Her choice of fabrics & decor was cute & I LOVED the vintage lamp & wonderful shade.
The next photo is of the front door & entry hall. Remember the time period this house was built in & then look at all those beadboard cupboards for storage. Back then this was not heard of. There was usually NO STORAGE but, the entire entry hall has these built in cabinets running the length of it. You can see the saddle on a stand in one corner. The star is in the middle of the wood floor in the entry hall. Don't you love all of her boots lined up in front of the cabinets? And how about that Texas Longhorn hung on the wall of her art studio. A True TEXAS COWGIRL!
Up the stairs & into my room. I stayed in the Hedwig Room. Again the green walls that were original to the house & all Lenore did was to sand/destress the walls in this room. This is the entry into the room & then it turned with yet another wall of built in (rugged) storage. To the left of this area as you walk in is a single bed for another guest.
But, my bed frame was made from pieces of decorative metal & a gate. Cute the way she used rope to tie the canopy to the rails.
And here is that spare bed I told you about. The room was kind of a mix of femine florals played against western. The photo below shows some of the vignettes in the room. The photo on the top right is a really old bird cage with some flowers on top of it. There was a vintage green photo album with roses on the cover that LISA would have LOVED! And look at the apron used as a curtain on the window in front of the vintage wicker chair.

The bathroom was again GREEN but, done in a fishing decor. A net, floats, lures, oar, pictures & even a mounted big mouth bass fish (over the tub). An old claw foot tub was nice & deep to soak in my hot water to relax. The towels all hung on hooks along with an old metal rake. Rustic but, cute.
Well, that is the end of the B&B photos. Come back & I will do a post on the class. Diane was an amazing teacher. She is the sweetest, kindest soul. The class was taught in a beautiful church which has become the Public Library. So, stay tuned & I hope you enjoyed your tour of The Out Post Inn @ Cedar Creek. And by the way, the Inn is for sale. She has sold 2 of the log cabins & they will be leaving the property this month. She is tired & wants to just spend the days painting in her studio.


DeeDee said...

Wow Charlen..this looks like it was so much fun..and what a adventure too...cannot wait to see the stuff you worked on...

The French Bear said...

That's it girl, the next one, I am coming with you!!!! OMG I love it, how divine, you are so amazing, off in the van and to a new adventure!!!!
Margaret B

LuLu Kellogg said...

What a wonderfully relaxing place to stay! I can't wait to hear about your class.


Lisa said...

All I can say is 'I know where we're staying in the spring'! Those pics are amazing. I love the one with the windmill & the sky is such a cool hazy grey color. Love it. And that bedroom! You are right about me loving the album. I just love staying in places like that. K & I always stayed in B&B's when we traveled, this is until triplets. Now it's Comfort Suites! Thanks for sharing your trip with us. Lisa
PS Check my blog, there is something for U.

Inspired-Simplicity said...

So glad that you had a great time and you are home safe. Really like the B&B's pictures. Will look forward to the blog on your class.
Miss U,

Alisa Noble said...

What a great place to stay! I want to go down there just to stay in the Prairie Cottage!

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Hi Charlene, How is it we haven't met yet? I saw you at Cindys and thought I would drop by for a visit and I'm so glad I did. You have a lovely blog and I can't wait to hear about your class.
It's so nice to meet you.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Diane said...

I knew you'd love the Inn, in spite of the bad weather =)
Didn't know it was for sale though...
She has worked so hard on this property, I know she deserves a rest =)

Bunnym said...

Oh Charlene, this is beautiful! How fun traipsing through the mud...lol
Going to Santa Barbara in a couple of weeks and staying in our fav B&B.
I wanna see your class project.


Jan Hennings said...

Love all your photo's of the 1800's house and the vintage farm machinery..looks like a cool palce to spend some time.
Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog and leave such a kind comment. I follow Vicki C. blog, too..isn't her work amazing and the new die she is having released at CHA is awesome. I'd love to get one of them because I lve adding dimension to projects or just use it as a shadow box!

Nan said...

What a fun adventure and thanks for sharing with us. Will look forward to what you create. Nan

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