Saturday, January 9, 2010

Petticoats & Parasols Art Event

You know that I told you one of the things I wanted to strive for in 2010 was KNOWLEDGE & I can tell you that I have started the year off with a bang in striving for this goal. As I told you in a previous post, I will be going to Resolutions of the Heart jewelry design class with Diane Cook this coming week & I am excited about this. While talking to Joanna back a couple of weeks ago she told me about an Art Event in Savannah, GA called Petticoats & Parasols. This is being put on by the beautiful Jennifer Hayslip. I WANTED TO GO but, was hesitant to spend the money knowing ADORN ME was approaching in March. But, then it was announced that none other than JO PACKHAM would be the key note speaker on Thursday night. THAT DID IT!!!! I HAD TO GO!!!! I asked "Honey" & he said OK! OH I AM OVER THE MOON EXCITED!!!!!!!!! And another fun thing about this event is that I will get to see Christine again as she is one of the teachers at the event. Christine & I met last April when we were in Diana Frey's Secret Shaker Doll Class. Can you hear me squealing with delight with all the fun events I have coming up? Thank you Joanna! Thank you Blogland for opening these doors for us to all network & find out about all the wonder out there. And thank you "Honey" for being the best & most understanding hubby in the whole world. You are MY HERO!


Cynthia K. said...

Oh, Charlene ~ You do have so many great events planned - Yay!! Wonderful classes and people to look forward to - I'm so happy for you. Of course, you'll be learning fabulous new things and having fun with great women - good for you. And bless your sweet husband for being so agreeable about it all.

I looked back at a few posts and have to just shriek with you about receiving your Blue Willow set from your friend - how very special she is and your set of dishes. Enjoy them and grin everytime you see them.

I so appreciate you stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet comments. You're so appreciated.

Have a Beautifully Blessed 2010....

Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

The French Bear said...

Charlene, you lucky doll!!!! I am so envious, well not really cause it's you, but only a bit..... I would love to be able to do all those things!!! You will have share every detail!!!!
Margaret B

Hearts Turned said...

How exciting, Charlene! Wish I could go, too--it will be fabulous, I'm sure! Love that Jo Packham!!! What a wonderful, understanding hubby you have--extra points for him!

Hope you're having a beautiful weekend!

Lisa said...

Oh I would love to go. My Grandfather lives very close to Savannah. It's the big town where they go shopping! I'm am not a good car rider and it is about 6 hours from me. It looks like great fun!
Hugs, Lisa

Lynn said...

Getting to know you is a blast. While I am working full time, you are living my life, lol. Seriously, I don't like to "fly" nearly as much as I like "road trips" and I do love Savannah. You flying off here and there is so exciting, that is what I meant about living my life, lol. I used to take all kinds of classes, and I remember how much fun that was, especially when the speaker is as great as J Packman and you connect with friends and learn new things! You better take lots and lots of photos and remember every detail to share with us. Give your hubby a big hug for being wonderful and encouraging you in your pursuits.

Anonymous said...

Oh Charlene!
How exciting that you are coming! It is going to be such and incredible event! And crafting it up with you
will definitely be one of the highlights!
Jenn really knows how to put together a shin-dig, so you can expect to be swept away in loveliness!
Until Savannah my sweet Charlene!

"Create Beauty" said...

Yay! So many fun events in your near future! How exciting! Of course you will share all about it... when you get back. (I hope!)

wherewomencreate said...

Oh my gosh, you are so sweet! Do you mind if I send your wonderful note to my x-husband?!
I look forward to sharing such a wonderful event with you!
It is going to be a great year ... and we all need to enjoy every single day of it.
Much love

Char said...

Wow girl, you are so busy with so many fun things. I can't wait to hear more. As you can see, I am still making my pink rounds and wanted to make sure I wished you a Happy Pink Saturday, Char

Anonymous said...

That's so wonderful! I'm very happy for you. I hope you have a wonderful time. Isn't it great to have an understanding supportive hubby? I love mine for the same reasons.
How is Reba doing? I hope she is still mending well. Give her a nice pat and a hug from me.

Jennifer Hayslip said...

I am SUPER THRILLED that you are attending my event! YAY!!!! Please tell your hubby I said "THANK YOU" too! ;) I look forward to our wounderful creative weekend in Savannah! So glad you'll be a part of it! HUGS!!!! XOXO,Jenn

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