Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Angels Walk Amoung Us!

Have you ever had someone in Blogland just reach out & offer a helping hand? I mean... you didn't know you needed help but, they saw your blog & they loved the new header you had just bought .Yet they knew it needed re-sizing & this sweet angel had to battle in her mind... do I just tell her that the header is all wrong? Or just let her live with it in ignorant bliss? This sweet kind angel Karen sent me an email & said "I love your new header but, you are loosing part of it & I would like to help you fix it" Well, that header is long gone(it was fall) & we just tonight got together via the telephone & not only did she help me size my new one some (we had a few 2 column versus 3 column issues & we can't figure out that yet) she had found a new wrap around design that she thought was pretty with my new header from Tiffany. After 2 HOURS chatting & laughing & becoming such good friends talking about EVERYTHING under the sun... I have a larger header & wrapper. What do you think? THANK YOU KAREN YOU ARE INDEED AN ANGEL WALKING WITH ME!

Now, I have a new friend & I know that we will have many more chats on the phone. And there is talk of a visit here. Or, maybe we will choose a destination & meet up for a girls weekend!!!!! All I know is I am so thankful & feel so blessed to have this angel in my life! Be sure & go by to meet Karen & see her amazing blog(please tell her Charlene sent you). She is such a talented gal. Oh by the way, there's a necklace heading her way when I come up for air from all this book work (oh the dredge of learning a new accounting program for Hubby's company)I am working on. And I wanted to thank another angel that walks amoung us for the image above. Thanks Dawn, you share so many wonderful images with all of us. HUGS!


Karen Valentine said...

Charlene, you are too sweet. Thank you my dear for your bloggy friendship these past few months. I look forward to continuing an even better and fuller friendship in the months and years to come!


Lynn said...

Isn't it amazing how someone you never knew can become such a great friend due to blogs. Wonderful header and a new friendship is always a cherished event. Enjoy both. Think I will pop over to her blog now and check it out. Good luck with the new accounting prgram. My younger daughter is a CPA with her own accounting firm. She takes after my mom who also loved accounting. Have a beautiful day.

DeeDee said...

First off I love the new look and second I need karen got a header to match my backgroud but have no clue how to make it I did the one I have so glad you found a fun freind to chat with...

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Hey girl...I'm back online after a trojan knocked me off. LOL Love your new header... it's gorgeous! And your necklace is stunning!

Looking forwrad to seeing you next week!

The Feathered Nest said...

It's so GORGEOUS Charlene!!!! What a sweetheart Karen is!!! I love a generous heart ~ how neat for you two that you might get to meet one another ~ one day I dream of a Blogger Event right smack dab in the middle of the cool would THAT be ~ and that we'd all have to funds to make it there ~ hugs and love, Dawn

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Isn't blogging wonderful to lead us to so many great friendships. This is one of the best ways to meet exciting women.
I thought that was the way your header was suppose to be. You know me I just don't get this computer much. In fact I have to have another lesson on linking up again. Guess I'll have to write it down. Think I need to go to a computer class.
Hope to see you soon. Oh yes I finished my vanity chair.
Hugs, Pat

Bunnym said...

I myself have met a couple of blog angels too...amazing friend and amazing blog totally deserve everything...(((hug)))


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