Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fused Metal Class taken at Heart & Communion

Hello everyone! Thank you for coming by to visit today. I love a happy, fun, interesting blog but, if you read my last post it was a bummer & I needed to get back up on my horse & ride to a more "happy place". So what happier place than the Art Event called Heart & Communion that I went to on February 6 & 7th. Go HERE to see the first post for this event. This sweetie is none other than one of our hostesses (& owner of the amazing CHURCH that the event was held at)Shea Fragoso. She is holding the fabulous bag that was provided by the wonderful Jo Packham & the team at Where Women Create Magazine.
These are the goodies in the bag. Some of the items were... an apron from Slice, craft knife from Excel, 3 different types of adhesives(Zip Dry, Gem Tack & Beacon's new glue), A new type of thread from DMC (I loved the little keepers for the thread), a CROWN key ring loaded with BLING, Valentine images & lots more. Everyone was so generous. THANK YOU to all who supplied these items.
The sweet pink heart necklace above was made for everyone by Debbie & Shea. I enjoyed wearing it during the Valentine week after the class.
I showed this to you in the previous post but, if you missed it... I had to show you the soldering table. Mine sure doesn't look like this one but, I did love creating under the glow of those amazing windows that Debbie refinished herself. Be sure & go back to the previous post to see more of these amazing windows.
This is one of the displays of the work of our two amazing teachers(click on their names & it will take you to their sites) Natalie Hansen & Lonnie Jenick
The work of these two ran the whole gauntlet of wonder!
Here is Lonnie showing us how to use the torch
And below are some of the girls working on their jewelry. Natalie & Lonnie were wonderful teachers. They seemed to be everywhere for answering questions & helping. I know they were exhausted after that all day class.
Some of the girls just did one necklace in class & a few of them finished their piece. I did not do that. I chose to work on technique instead of completion. So, I did 4 different pieces that each used different techniques taught in class. The pieces will be turned into jewelry to wear at a later date.
As soon as I got home from class that week the search was on for TOOLS!!! I have told you before that I am intimidated by "Big Girl Tools" but, each class I take & Diana Frey's encouragement that "YOU CAN DO THIS" makes me more at ease. I bought my torch & my butane (are you proud Diana?) And I bought a pipe cutter & resin. I also need to buy metal snips but, I did buy the metal (photo above) used for the jewelry we made.
It's rough but, this is my birdhouse charm. It is made out of the metal that you saw above. The shape was cut out, formed, & the image put inside. Then I had to use a pipe cutter to cut that tiny piece for the opening in the house. At this point I mixed & filled it with resin. I need practice but, I think once I finish putting the necklace together with beads & chain it will be a fun reminder of the time spent in this class.
This sweet bird with his crown is another piece that I made in class. The resin must have been mixed wrong because he has NEVER dried. He is still sticky & now has MANY of my fingerprints on him (since I keep checking to see if the resin is hard). After more than 2 weeks it ISN'T going to get hard. I have emailed Natalie & Lonnie but, haven't heard back as to a cause(I think Sandy said she also had one piece that didn't dry) but, I'm thinking MIXER ERROR!!!!! Or as hubby says "it's the operator"
Another charm... This was also made with just the flat metal & the strip that was bent into that clever little heart. I had never used metal stamps to do words in metal but, it was fun. I love the way it came out. A little patina & the letters & creases in the metal just pop making it look old. I again, can't wait to do the chain & add other charms to finish this off.
Last but, not least is my crown bracelet. I used the chain they had for us in class. But, I like the thicker chain you see at the bottom of the photo. I am going to take the finer chain off & use the thicker one. Come back soon because I want to introduce you to some of the wonderful people I met at this class. I will give you links so you can go & visit them. It's so much fun to find NEW blogs to visit isn't it? Hope you enjoyed the photos from my Fused Metal Class. Have a great week.


Lisa said...

I am glad you had something great to think about. I am sorry I missed your post on Thursday. This class looks great! I know you had a great time!
Hugs, Lisa


Your creations are fantastic! Really. Looks like such a fun time. ~ Angela

Hearts Turned said...

I'm sorry I haven't been by for a while--where has the time gone??? First of all, I'm so sorry about your little sweetheart...such a sad loss.

On a lighter note, it looks like you had so much fun at the jewelry event! Loved seeing the beautiful pieces you made--would love to learn how to do those things! So glad you shared what you learned!

I hope you're having a lovely Sunday--I'll be back soon!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Very cool post, Charlene! I wish I could have attended the classes with you! They use a torch instead of a soldering iron? Well, now, I've learned something new by visiting you tonight!
Stop over and enter my 300th post giveaway if you're so inclined. I love visitors!

Karen Valentine said...

Charlene your jewelry pieces are just wonderful. What a fun class that would be. I would love to get some teachers out here to teach a class. Hmmm.... I feel ideas brewing! I hope your days are getting easier. I wanted to call, but I didn't know what to say that wouldn't make you cry. (That's how I felt with Harley)
Have a good week and I'll talk to you soon.


Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

I love the looks of your new jewelery work. Everything looks great. I called you today and yesterday. I was at the Burleson Antique Mall Sat. so I called to see if you were home. No such luck and today I worked in the yard, but called to check on you. I worked on my machine top today, that I was working on the other night. Did some more roses and some beads. Maybe I can finish tomorrow.
Hope you are doing okay, talk to you soon.
Hugs, Pat

DeeDee said...

I am glad you are back out there and I are walking the same path only miles apart..I just learnt this lovely craft to...check out my blogpost here.

and watch for my birthday celebration..I did buy the stuff to make fused glass in my kiln...

you had some awesome teachers....I love thier stuff and yours too...

we realy need to craft together one day soon.

hugs my friend.

Jessica Rodarte said...

Sounds like it was fun, Charlene. I hope it cheered you up a bit. Many hugs, Jessica

Auntie Cake said...

Can I just say one gigantic WOW??? Your pieces are fabulous. I so wish there was a class like that in my neck of the woods. What fun you must have had! Great job, and I am proud of you for buying the tools, can't wait to see what else you create!

Bunnym said...

This class looks amazing and I'm very happy you decided to start creating do it so well.

love ya,

Nan said...

Oh the pieces you made a so lovely, too bad that little bird with the crown didn't dry. Will check back for more posts about your new hobby.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are enjoying something now.... Your furbaby will never be far from your thoughts......
I have done some jewelry soldering & once I got the hang-of-it I enjoyed it. You can really make some neat things for yourself.
Take care & I am thinking of you!!

Paula ~ castleandcottagesigns said...

Love all the pieces you made! I'd so love to learn how to do these, it looks like such fun! Just need a couple more hours added to each day:)

MJ Ornaments said...

What amazing creations Charlene! And yes, it's probably the way the resin way measured or lack of mixing enough that caused it to remain sticky. Have you tried Ice resin? It's by far my favorite, and I've tried and failed with about all of them! Take care, Martha

"Create Beauty" said...

Hi Charlene. I've tried soldering and want to do more.... I don't know if I could use the torch though without burning myself or starting a fire! (even glue guns are a hazard with me) Perhaps I will stick to the soldering tool : ) Your designs are so pretty, and what a wonderful place to have an art retreat!!! Truly amazing.

When you email me some photos of your precious Reba to paint, please send as large of a file as you can so I can see detail when I print it out. I only have one other pet commission right now (also of a sweet doggy who died) so this will be the best time to create yours. I am so sorry for your loss of your precious doggy... I know from experience that the darkness will pass and you will have joy again.... it just takes time, and giving your broken heart to God... I pray that a wonderful dog will come into your life in the future, each one is a wonderful gift of love. ~ Hugs to you... ~ Violet

MJ Ornaments said...

p.s. which did you prefer soldering with an iron or torch? I've never tried a torch and wondered what the difference was. ~Martha

Diana said...

Diana here and YES I am proud of you girlfriend and using those big girl tools. Looks like you had fun with your pieces. Great job! See you soon. We will be experimenting in the Twisted Sistah class with resins hopefully you will get the technique down to perfection.

Alisa Noble said...

Great job for a first time on all of the techniques!

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

OH I didn't know y'all made that much awesome! I'm liking the stamped metal charm ...a lot! Too bad about the bird's really tweet! ;o)

Hope you're doing OK!

Monica said...

Oh, Charlene, I'm drooling over the birdhouse! With violets, I just love them because of my birthday in March! Can't wait to have them blossoming in the garden!!!!!
What splendid job you did, it looks perfect to me! I'm looking forward to seeing your necklaces finished.
Hugs and my thoughts to you!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Your pieces are beautiful - sorry about the bird piece.
I'll be back for more
Have a great day

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