Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Little Mail LOVE & A GIFT from a SWEET FRIEND!

Whirling Swirling DIVA's arrived! Back about a month ago I happened upon the blog of Karyn from FRENCH CHARMING & became so amused by THIS post about Pixie & Trixie. These girls show up OFTEN at Karyn's & I just love the way they add a bit of fun so I commented on her post & told her I LOVED Pixie & Trixie. I had seen these little beauties different places in BLOGLAND but, couldn't find any to purchase. Karyn offered to send me my very own. Today they arrived & since I was working on some of my swap items & the glitter was handy... yep you guessed it they dove in! The little stands that came with these girls just need a bit of bling. Now, they will be in style whether they use their stands or not. THANK YOU KARYN!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yesterday was a beautiful spring day here in Texas so a couple of my friends & I had planned to go JUNKIN. My partners in crime were Lisa from Tarnished & Tattered & Pat from My Tattered Elegance . We met at an Antique store in west Ft Worth & hit the isles. I can tell you the sales people just kept showing up to take our goodies (that is a whole different post to share all the goods) to the front counter so we had plenty of hands to keep shopping. After we shopped we needed food. We were running short of time so we went over somewhere close. When we set down to eat SWEET Lisa pulled out a sack with goodies for both Pat & I. She gave Pat a beautiful picture of flowers since she knows how Pat loves roses. And for me she had carefully wrapped in vintage pattern pieces (tied with vintage seam binding & an old clip with a sweet puppy on it) this wonderful old print of a dog that she said reminded her of my Precious Reba.
Also, there was a poem written by Jimmy Stewart that she loved & wanted me to have. She had sent the poem to me in U Tube form of Jimmy reading the poem on Johnny Carson. I wanted to share it with you & I hope you'll take the time to sit & listen to it. And think of the wonderf of friendship... it takes so many forms. Old/New Furry/Human Close/Far... Such blessing they all are. THANK YOU SWEET FRIEND YOU TOUCHED MY HEART!

I hope you enjoyed the peeks of my goodies. Blogland is such an amazing place. HUGS to all my friends.


Winchester Manor said...

Hello Sweet Friend! Yippee!! I'm so glad Pixie and Trixie arrived to you in one piece...I bet they were plenty ornery after being confined to their packaging, I bet their dancing all keep an eye out though, they love to get into vintage treasures. tee hee!

Boy you sue are having some week my friend. You deserve it all and more!!

Big hugs,

Lisa said...

Oh Charlene! What great gifts! I od so love blogland! It is just the best group of people in the world! Enjoy your picture my sweet friend!
Hugs, Lisa

Blondie's Journal said...

I love Karyn. She is one of the greatest gals in Blogland!! Glad you received such a sweet gift from her.

I remember seeing the original Johnny Carson show. How poignant those minutes were when Jimmy Stewart read his poem. It choked me up.

Thanks, Charlene.


Inspired-Simplicity said...

Sounds like I missed a great day. I've just got to figure out some way to quit my job. Yes..I feel so blessed to have my new friends. Catch you on the next one.

Nan said...

Oh that was a wonderful poem and the old print too I love the way the dog is in motion. Those little cake toppers I fancy too and found them on Bake it Pretty.

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

I so enjoyed yesterday!!! Your print looks so much like Miss Reba and I loved the poem. Hope you like the post card!!
Talk to you in the morning.
Hugs, Pat

Diana said...

Okay well you Texan girls are having just too much fun without me. Can't wait to see the goodies you found...please do share. Jimmy Stewart sure does know how to read a poem...pass the tissue please. Thanks for sharing, Charlene.

Riki Schumacher said...

Oh Charlene, the little ballerinas are too cute. No wonder you love them. And the print of the doggie is adorable. What a fun day and fun gifts. Yes, bloggingville is amazing. I love it. I have seen that clip of Jimmy before, just precious. Take care my friend, sending hugs, Riki

Hearts Turned said...

What a wonderful portrait of your sweet pup! You have some wonderful friends, Charlene--that's for sure! Thanks for sharing these with us!

Hope you're having a wonderful night!

The Feathered Nest said...

Y'all have the most fun together!! I love that you can junk together and create together....and so wishing I lived near by. I love your little Pixie and Trixie and love your sparkly touches too!! Love and hugs, Dawn

"Create Beauty" said...

That sounds like a perfectly fun day, shopping with like-minded friends! And such lovely gifts. Love the dog art! Now I'm going to go refill my coffee mug and watch the video of Jimmy Stewart... ~ Violet

Peridots Garden Blog said...

I am sitting here with tears in my eyes and thinking of my sweet puppies...both almost 12 years I do love them...Thank you for that beautiful poem reading by Jimmy Stewart!

Ok, sniff...wiping tears and now smiling...your shopping get together sounds so wonderful!

Thank you again for sharing.


Unknown said...

Oh Charlene, you just have the most wonderful friends. I'm starting my day with a good cry, that video, that poem. I respect the grieving process you go thru after loosing a beloved pet. I used to questioned people that did, pure ignorance in my part. I wanted a pet friend for so long, this days I think I could not stand the pain. I have cried with every blog friend that have lost theirs. So dear friend, I hope that as the days go by you will find comfort on the great memories, like I told you before, you will see Ms. Reba again. Blesings, Marta.

Bunnym said...

Wow!!...some people just get you..huh? Isn't that a nice feeling?
That portrait of a little sheltie is perfect...what a find and what a friend. Enjoy!


Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Oh Charlene ~
That is just the most precious story about your time with Pat and Lisa ~ How sweet of Lisa to give you the picture that reminded her of your puppy ~
Good friends are such a blessing and a treasure ~

Lisa said...

That was such a fun day, so over due too! I am posting it right now, (bad pic of me & all)LOL. I also saw Carson show the night Jimmy Stewart read that poem & it has remained in my mind since. When you lost your best friend I knew you should hear it. I'm glad you liked the picture too. See you soon at art night! Lisa

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