Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Relaxing Time at The Outpost Inn

In a previous Post I told you about The Outpost Inn at Cedar Creek in Round Top, Texas & what a CUTE place this is to stay. If you are ever in central Texas make sure to visit. This past weekend as you know, Hubby & I went down so I could attend a class (see previous post) by my friend Diane Cook. The weather was wonderful & we enjoyed our time at this precious little Texas cottage. We chose to stay in The Shelby Guest House so that on Saturday night Diane & her Hubby could join us. As you can see in the photo above the front porch was all set up for us to catch the cool evening breeze. As we sat outside under a HALF MOON it was so bright that it could have been day time. We could see everything so clearly. AND THE STARS!!!!!!!!!! OH MY THE STARS were breathtaking! HEAVENLY! And as we watched the stars, moon, planes in their landing patterns for the Austin Airport, & the millions of FIREFLIES... we could hear the gentle mooing of cattle somewhere in another field. SO RELAXING! This is the view off the porch. Fields of GREEN grass dotted with little wild flowers everywhere. And a rustic old barn made of hewed timbers.
Step into the cottage... yes, this is the entry hall. It had that wonderful old WAVY glass in the window of the door. Silly me I didn't get a photo of the bedroom. SORRY!
As you stepped into the entry hall as seen in the photo above this is the door leading to the back porch. HUGE back porch. Another great area to sit & enjoy. Loved the BLUE chippy painted shelf with hooks don't you?
This is the sweet little living room. You know I don't think we even used this room. We spent so much time on the porch or out looking around. But, Lenore does have a knack for decorating. With one little hang up for me... the animal skin rugs. I JUST COULDN'T GO WITH THOSE! Being the true cowgirl that she is... there are a number of HEADS (mostly deer & in the main house a beautiful stuffed Long Horn cow) but, those animal rugs gave me the willy's. There was a zebra in the bedroom & I would have to step across it because I hated the long hairs on his mane to touch my feet. AND those tiny smashed ears just grossed me out! Sorry... don't know where that little tangent came from & Diane laughed herself silly at me but, did admit that the bear rug (head & growling teeth bared) had to be moved in her room so it didn't look at her all night. Hee Hee.
Those were the stairs to the attic which was finished out with a bedroom to sleep three & another bathroom. Cute but, I can tell you that those steps were made for TINY feet. NOT MINE! Both Diane & I thought the use of the wire to hang the curtains was a clever idea.
The dinning room & into the kitchen (which I can assure you was used to only make coffee before going to the main house for breakfast). The table was two HUGE concrete pedestals with glass set on top. And the french doors led onto that wonderful back deck I told you about.
I had to share her decor above the refrigerator. I LOVED the use of the OLD FLAGS! So patriotic & sweet. Notice her hanging rack for the pots & pans... a rusty set of metal brackets with a rod (sweet finials on the ends) & simple large S hooks to hang the iron skillets from. Click on the photo to enlarge to see the details.
The board paneling was simply painted & sanded back. The use of this bold GREEN was great as it blended in with the view (of the beautiful green pastures)out the window. And I leave you with the last photo of an old white enameled pan that someone cut out to create a clever design. Art takes all shapes doesn't it?


Inspired-Simplicity said...

Thanks for the tour. I will put this on my list of places in Round Top. Looks like a fun place for a girls trip.

Hearts Turned said...

So beautiful, Charlene! What a lovely cottage you got to stay all those photos!

And blissful evenings on the porch with a beautiful moon and fireflies...doesn't get much better than that! I miss fireflies...grew up loving them on summer nights...they aren't here in California--my girls are really missing out!

Hope your day is just wonderful!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

What a beautiful place! Don't you just love Round Top?

Diane said...

It was a great place to stay! Lenore has done a great job on this property.
Thanks for the the tour....

Bunnym said...

Such a life of luxury...well deserved I'm sure. What'cha makin' now?


basia said...

I enjoyed the visit. Wonderful ideas to think about.... how novel to use the window rod to hang pots and pans!

jackie p said...

Oh how much fun! What a darling little place to spend a weekend............or longer. I could move in! One of these days I would love to visit Round Top. I have heard about it for years. And it really isn't that far from Oklahoma.

Honey Lamb and I said...

From all your description I feel like I went on vaca too!!! Sounds like you had some relaxing evenings!! I love the Austin area and that is so hard to say as a SOONER!!! lol

Glad you guys had fun. I saw that you found me on Girdie's blog! Jackie does such a great job with helping with that store and teaching her classes!! You should pick a class of hers and come up and take it with me!!


mendytexas said...

Looks like HEAVEN!! I'd love to get away!! Can't wait to see ya at PC in a few weeks! :)mendy

Diana said...

What a great B & B, Charlene! I agree about the animal rugs...they would have bothered me as well. Diane and hubby, Allen, are great people. I know you all must have had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing.

Cottage Rose said...

Hello Charlene; What a charming little cottage.... I have to agree about the skins,,, but the rest is so gorgeous,, love the views.... have a great week.


NancyJane said...

Hi Charlene! Yes, I do remember you from my daughters Christmas House Sale, good to "see" you

I am very slow at getting things started on the computer, if Tiffany didn't help me, there is no way I could do most of this {she insist I learn though!}

Thanks for showing the pictures of the Outpost Inn, looks just wonderful. Would be a good place to visit, always nice to know of places fairly close to home.

Have a great week....Nancy

jackie p said...

Charlene you are so kind. If you go back on my blog to around Easter you will see some of the dolls on the easter parade post. And then a little further back the first part of March, the doll I made for the baby Mac shower. I love to make them and I don't spend as much time as I should, but I do go out to the doll studio on wednesdays.
Now for the sea shell tag class. It is scheduled for July 29th. I just scheduled it today. You are the first to know about it. I would love to have you come up. If it works out and Shelley is going to be around tell her to call the store and reserve a spot for the two of you. Cindy may not even have the sign up sheet ready. Just check your schedule and see if it works. Let one of us know for sure.

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

A charming place to spend some time chilling out.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Such a charming place, Charlene! Thanks for sharing it!

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

You made me feel like I was there too (almost)...I miss fireflies. There used to be so many of them and now...
Sounds like you had a great time.
Round Top is on my list.

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh Charlene, thanks for sharing, what a wonderful place! Think I'll have to put that on my list too!

Thanks for dropping in the other day! Loved your little visit!!


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