Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Wipe Out!


This is kind of how I felt!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think Elle Elf shows us just what it feels like when Christmas WIPES YOU OUT!

I hope that all of you had a wonderful time with all your loved ones this past weekend. We had a wonderful Christmas. It began with Thursday night when we went to look at Christmas lights with neighbors down the street. The lines were TOOOOOOOOOOOO LONG to get into see Prairie Lights like we hoped but, we went to dinner & had a wonderful visit. Friday was Christmas Eve & sweet Sarah (who was the physician's assistant that diagnosed Hubby’s heart condition this year) & her sweetie came for dinner & drinks. We kept it casual with Frito Pie & Queso (cheee)dip. It was wonderful to start the celebration of Christmas with the person I credit for possibly saving Hubby’s life. We talked & laughed while drinking eggnog & wine well into the night. In fact at 11:45 as they were leaving I could almost swear I heard Santa’s sleigh bells ringing.

DSC03094 DSC03093

The stockings were hung (My mother in law made the one on the left for our oldest son about 37 years ago. And the one on the right I did the counted cross stitch for our youngest son about 30years ago).


Even the bear in my childhood rocker wore his Christmas sweater & Santa hat (with the hand made china hutch my Grandfather made for me for my second Christmas).


And Christmas Day dawned a beautiful cold day & that little boy that I stitched that stocking for alllllllllllllllllll those many years ago brought his two little bundles of joy to see Nonna & Bop Bop. There were “comote (OK he’s 5 & it’s soooooooooo cute when he says words wrong) control helicopters”.


And remote controlled mustangs! And a Pillow Pet!



All in all a GRAND day indeed. As we ate, opened gifts, enjoyed the fellowship of the day & was so thankful for all that we have had this whole year through… I had to smile feeling so blessed.

As I was washing dishes at about 11:45 & enjoying the Christmas music playing & the lights on the tree… the whole middle section of lights on the tree went dark. WHAT!!!!!!!! Well it seems the tree was as tired as Elf & I.


She had been crawled up in her bed but, I think she got hot. HOW can this be comfortable? So, I scooped her up & put her in her kennel for the night as I contemplated my new dilemma… HOW do I invite my girlfriends over for an after Christmas lunch with no tree lights???? I guess the tree comes down early & we have lunch sans tree. And the next dilemma… do I toss out the tree & get a new one like I’ve been wanting (FLOCKED) or take all the old lights off this one & restring the whole thing???? Oh it makes me tired just to think about it. I think I NEED another sugar cookie.
HUGS! Charlene


Maija said...

Everything looks so perfect Charlene!!

Romancing The Bling said...

Happy day after...thank you for sharing your holiday and photos. What precious grand handsome!
Sorry to hear about your Christmas tree light issue. Whatever you decide, i'm sure you and the girls will have an amazing time!


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas, Charlene...such sweet photos...Elf is so funny! I had part of my tree go out, too!

a quiet life said...

looks like you had a wonderful time and how cute it little elle all splayed out with contentment :)

Blondie's Journal said...

Sorry about the tree...I have heard that re~stringing is a real pain...

You had some lovely and loving celebrations, the kids look so happy! It warms my heart.


Brynwood Needleworks said...

Oh,dear! It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas...and Elle Elf is just darling! I'm looking forward to many more photos! Merry Christmas, my friend. See you again soon!
Donna, Kes. And Fez

Anonymous said...

Hi Charlene!
Thanks for visiting. It sounds like you had a very Merry Christmas! I think your dog has the right idea - too funny!
My tree is missing one row of lights and I'm thinking it's time for a new one too! I did the best I could trying the bend branches and fill in with ornaments, but it was a fruitless effort.
Well, it's so nice to meet you - hope you all are staying warm!

Diane said...

Oh, looks like you all had the best time. Those grandboys of yours look soooo cute!
I wore myself out this year (as usual), which I do every year...
I do look forward to it coming, but am always happy when it is over =)
Now, looking forward to a new year!!

Riki Schumacher said...

Hi Charlene, we just got back from our kids for the weekend. Glad all went well with your holiday. Elle looks tired! Ah, just leave the tree, they won't care if there's no lights, I know I wouldn't. They'll be paying attention to the new puppy, not the tree! Ha ha. Love the pics of your grand boys. Take care, talk to you soon. Hugs, Riki

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Glad you had such a wonderful Christmas with the kids and grandkids. Oh yes, and little Elf. I can't wait to meet her. I agree, we must get together soon. I miss you too!!
Hugs, Pat

Lisa said...

Boy I feel like Elle, but just not as cute! I just had the last of my company leave this morning. It was a wonderful holiday but I'll be glad to get this place cleaned up & get life back to normal. It looks like the boys had a terrific time. We got pillow pets last year & they still love them! I know this Christmas was special for you & Larry, you had a lot to be thankful for. Love the new baby! Your house looks just beautiful. Have a safe new year! Lisa

Jill said...

What a warm and wonderful holiday ... two cute babes and the sweetest puppy! Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves!! ...

We share a few similarities ... I have lights out on my tree, santa brought a pillow pet here as well,and judging by your pictures ... you and I have the exact same furniture ... red w/roses!

Wishing a happy new year too!


TinaTx said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas.
Speaking as someone who spent three days stringing new lights on the tree this year - I say go ahead and get the new one you want!

Alisa Noble said...

Sounds like it was wonderful!

oldgreymare said...

Well except for the lights, it sounds like a wonderful holiday.

If you do decide to restring- a piece of advice. Cut off all the old ones, don't try to pull back off. Just snip in multiple places and remove. Then restring as if on a real tree.

I quickly "repaired" a clients tree minutes before a party last year by adding in one 50 light strand into the area where lights had burned out. Rather than try to connect end to end I used a separate extension for just that strand for ease. Use whatever # of lights you need from 25-100..
hope that helps?


mo said...

Ahhhh, yes....the sugar cookie to sweeten the tough decision making. I adore your sweet little pup and have two of my own...although not so tiny. Your family is lovely and isn't this what Christmas is all about? *hugs*

Unknown said...

Sweet family and puppy pics!
Sounds like you have had a wonderful Christmas!

Sending you Happy New Year wishes!!
xxoo Heidi said...

I wondered about trees with attached lights. They sounds like such a good idea till the bulbs burn out!

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