Saturday, November 26, 2011

Memories in Rustic Hills of Texas

Picture 033

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving this week!  I have been sooooooooo busy with going to Austin last weekend to play PMC Silver Clay with my friend Janise & then getting home Monday with just 2 hours to spare before our niece & her hubby showed up from North Carolina.  We spent the week just enjoying each other & eating our way through the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex!  The pictures in this post share a few shots of our time down at the family “ranch” near Lake Whitney.  I loved some of the photos our nephew Buzz captured for us.  Hope you enjoy some of the shots showing the rustic Hill Country of Texas.

Picture 040

I LOVE this sweet girl & it was sooooooooo good to spend time with her!  This is Amy & Chase her 10 year old Labrador that came with them.  She used to breed Labs & it was not uncommon for them to have up to 14 adults at any one time (not to count many puppies).  But, now she’s down to 4 & Chase was the “chosen child” to accompany them.  He taught Ms Elle a thing or two about minding her manners!  There’s nothing like a mature dog to put a “fresh kid” in her place.  It was a cold damp day as you can see I am bundled up in Hubby’s coat.

Picture 052

Picture 057

The homemade rustic sign Hubby’s Dad made for the front gate…

Picture 025

Speaking of his Hubby’s Dad… The reason for this trip to the ranch was to bury the ashes of his Dad/Amy’s Granddad which was his last wishes…   And I think this next photo so captures the mood of the day…

Picture 022

Cold, damp, grey(old grass), yet filled with green grass (the future).    On to happier things…

An old barn made from railroad ties…

Picture 061

has been standing on this land for a VERY long time.

Picture 074

I just love the rustic ruggedness Buzz captured in the close up of this old rusty latch & SQUARE nail!

Rustic  collage


Picture 094

RUSTIC! Life so  Hard!!!!  So THANKFUL for all the conveniences we so take for granted today!!!!

Picture 097

So, as the road rises up to meet you… remember to be Thankful for all that you have…  I didn’t get to say Happy Thanksgiving earlier but, I wanted to tell each & everyone of you how special you are to me & how THANKFUL I am that we have the chance to be friends over all the miles, the different landscapes, towns, states & so on but, Blogland makes us all neighbors.  NOW, let’s look forward to a beautiful Christmas Season.  

HUGS! Charlene


Holly Loves Art said...

Hi Sweetie,
Your pictures are wonderful! I love photographing rustic pieces and old buildings too. Oh boy your little Elle is just the most beautiful doggie. I wish you could sneak her in your suitcase on your next visit here! I'd love to meet her.
Happy holidays!

Sandy Navarro said...

So glad you were able to close this chapter and enjoy time with your niece. More thankful than I can expres to have you in my life.


Diane said...

So beautifully said....
We are so thankful for you & Larry. Love you lots! xo

Lily's Lace said...

I miss you! But I'm glad to see this part of your life is behind you. I am so grateful and thankful to have you in my life. You bring me joy, comfort, wait that sounds like a Christmas carol, anyway, Love ya more than peanut butter fudge! xoxox-cin

Alisa Noble said...

Fabulous photos. I just love the hill country. We keep talking of moving down there.

Riki Schumacher said...

Wonderful Charlene, and so true. Be thankful for every second of every day. Sending lots of love,Riki

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