Sunday, January 30, 2011

Black Swan - Disturbing

Black Swan


Can a movie like this get such high reviews? Have you seen Black Swan? I know that there are many views of what is ART. And many people see different things when they see the same movie, art, book… but, I went to this movie after hearing just bits & pieces of reviews, with people saying how wonderful this movie is. PLEASE! I want my $9 back & I wouldn’t sit through that movie again if you paid me $100. I went to see this with 3 friends/neighbors while our Hubby’s had “Guy’s Poker Night”. One was the neighbors 18 year old daughter… OH MY!!!!!!!!!

I was embarrassed to sit there & watch the sexual scenes. I mean really, it would have been more than I wanted details to see of a male/female intimate scene but, between 2 women… WAY MORE VISUAL THAN I EVER NEEDED!!!!!!!! And then let’s talk disturbing scenes like a bleeding cuticle on her finger that she starts pulling on until it’s a gushing bloody mess… Not enough, OK! A possessive wacko mother (who sleeps in the room to watch over the daughter) that takes scissors to a 20 something year old dancer to keep her from scratching & wacks the top of her finger off. Not bloody/gruesome enough? So the star dancer goes to visit a fellow troupe member in the hospital (who happens to have thrown herself in front of a car when she no longer is the star of the show) with gruesome wounds shown in that scene… so said stars stabs the wounded girl in the face with a metal nail file.

Are you wanting to spend $9 yet? WHEN did this become star worthy? Where is our culture going that we reward or hipe this sort of behavior? Making this something we give awards to???????? I’m confused. I think I better go get back on The Good Ship Lollipop. I like things to be pretty, romantic, happy, beautiful…. I know the world can’t always be beautiful but, I sure don’t want my $$$$$ going to see this sort of darkness. I don’t mean to offend anyone, and I love that we all have the right to have our own thoughts but, really… really… If you were thinking of going to see what the hype is about… think twice is this the sort of movie you like? I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts.

Have a Beautiful Day! Charlene


Unknown said...

Darlene, I haven't seen it but got a friend that came out with very similar review to yours. She thought all the sex scenes were unnecessary and she found it to be too gory. I won't be paying 9.00. I think that Natalie Portman will probably win an Oscar for that ????. I'm with you, I like pretty, and good and all those things that the Bible tells us to think of. Blessings, Marta

Vintage Market Place said...

My friend also saw and warned me not to go. She said I would get sick at the gore of it all.
She said that the ballet was beautiful though.
Yeah, not necessary to me either to have such detail but I guess that is what sells these days, the more shocking the more Hollywood says YES!

Sonya Badgley said...

I'm with you! They wonder what is wrong with our world. Exposing us and even worse our children to this is just sickening! I would not, will not, and have not supported a movie like this. That's why I like the old movies. You never had to worry about what you might see or be embarrassed to see. Why do they feel that they have to show us sexual scenes? Like we don't already know what sex is! I would have walked out and DEMANDED my money back. It reminds me of the Nicole Kidder movie with that child that I heard about. How come that wasn't molestation? Or even worse child porn? How come she wasn't arrested? How could his parents even ALLOW him to act in such a upsetting! I refuse to watch a movie with Nicole in it now. Was she that desparate for money that she chose to play in this film? Come on.
Well, I hope you Sunday is a blessed one. Sorry about my ranting. For all the good it does.:)

Nan said...

I see a lot of movies on DVD with Netflix as I have no TV and watch them on my computer. I watch mainly British movies or other foreign ones not too many Hollywood types. This one sounds over the edge and I'm with you 'I get it you don't have to show me in graphic detail okay !!' I don't know why they have to go for that shock value in movies I'll just leave this one alone myself.

The Junque Seeker said...

I had heard good and bad but nothing this frank and I'm happy to hear someone's honest opinion. I won't be watching this movie.

Kathy said...

I have not seen this. Nor will I. I read extensive reviews complete with the spoilers and decided that this was probably not the movie for me. And I can sit through a Quentin Tarentino flick! It'll probably win an Oscar somewhere, but as for me, I'm hopin for Toy Story to rock the boat. - Cheers, Kathy

Mona @ la la by mona said...

I didn't see it, but my husband went with my two daughters 16 and 18. Wow is right. Embarrassing, disturbing, uncomfortable, and AWKWARD! Although, I heard her acting was great. Its a shame that society is making this the norm and that they portray this as okay and decent. That's not art, in my opinion - it's a sick agenda. But, we do still have a right to our opinions, right? And, they have the right to produce it.

Blondie's Journal said...

I have heard good and bad things about this movie...mostly that it is hard to understand. I don't need that.

Thanks for the review, Charlene!


Miranda @ Pressing On said...

Thank you for your review. I had been quietly anticipating it coming out on video, but I will not be seeing it now. I so dislike graphic scenes and violent, gory scenes, especially when it's for artistic drama.

Considering I'm spending a lot of time watching BBC shows lately, I guess this just isn't my speed. I appreciate your honesty.

LuLu Kellogg said...

I think I will stick with my Tim Burton movies!

It's been 6 years since I have been to a movie. We have Netflix and that is our one splurge...well, that an my art classes! Tee hee!


Karen Valentine said...

Thank you sweetie!!! You just voiced so much of what I am thinking every time I see movie advertised that is full of gratuitous sex and violence! I had no idea this movie would be that way, and I am so glad I didn't go! I'll keep my movie watching to Romantic Comedies, and Fantasy. I like my entertainment to make me feel happy... not disturbed!

Jill Marcott-McCall ~Feathers & Flight~ said...

Hello Miss Charlene!
Gosh Don't you just wish you could not only get your Money Back, but get those 2 Hours of you Time as well!
I would Love to Make you a Button! It would be my Pleasure! Just Let me Know what you would Like!
Hope you had a Wonderful Weekend!

I hate to cook! said...

Sounds yucky...I have NO desire to see it. I rarely pay to see movies in theaters now...I wait for Netflix...I hate spending money on a movie and then have it your blog though :)

Lisa said...

Wow! I had no idea this was what it was. I guess they want people to know how crazy this life is! I really wasn't interested and will not even consider it now! Thanks for tell us, how awful!!
Hugs, Lisa

MJ Ornaments said...

Disturbing was exactly how my sister described this movie to me. Thanks for the warning! Take care, Martha

Lily's Lace said...

YIKES thanks for the heads up! I did want to see it but thank you for the info, ick!

ohiofarmgirl said...

When I saw the clips I thought it looked way to graphic and I knew right away I wasn't going to watch it...but I am happy that you have confirmed it for me. Sorry that you sat through that. Dianntha

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

I have no desire at all
to see this movie ~
I have heard about it and
just don't like filling
my mind with things
that are disturbing ~

Rebecca said...

I have always enjoyed watching Natalie Portman and I think she has talent. I also like ballet. So, when this movie came out. I planned on seeing it. When I looked for show times, I checked out the IMBD movie website and read some reviews. After reading the spoilers, we decided to skip this one. I'm glad we did.
I agree with crafty Marta. We are to think on things that are wholesome, lovely, good...
Not to bury our heads in the sand but, to protect our hearts and minds. For out of those flow life!
I'd ask for the $9 back.
xo, Rebecca

a quiet life said...

you should have stayed home and played with elle, who needs swans when you have her!

mendytexas said...

Although I adore Natalie Portman, I'm too scared about all that blood to see the movie!! I'll just wait and see her in the Ashton K. movie next month!!

Unknown said...

Charlene, we just moved the shop to a different location. Everybody love and like it better here. I'm in the middle of nowhere but that fact have not hurt my sales. If you google Marta's Room my Craiglist add comes up with all the new info. Hopefully I will see you soon, Blessings, Marta.

Jill Marcott-McCall ~Feathers & Flight~ said...

Hello Miss Charlene!
You are so Sweet to Me! Thank You so Much for your Kind Words! I am So Happy you Liked Them. They were so Much Fun to Do!Your Vintage Bottles Turned out Gorgeous! It would Be to So Wonderful to take a Class with Lisa! I Might have to Start saving My Pennies!!
Happy Monday Friend!
Many Blessings,

Mary said...

I avoided this movie because I heard it was disturbing & dark...not my idea of entertainment!

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Oh heck no I won't go !!! I do not want/need to see things like that either.
I'm sick of the gore, sick of the blatant sex (hey, I have an imagination, don't need graphic detail) and I'm sick of them trying to ram "alternative" life styles down our throats in movies and on tv too.
Whew ... glad I got that out :)
Now watch something sweet like "French Kiss" or "The Wedding Date" and get that outta your head (())

Unknown said...

...hey sweets!
I was truely on the fence about wanting to see this movie for the ballet and costume part, but soooo had a hesitation about the rest of it ~
I will NOT be viewing this now!!
I agree, and when you walk into Target to scan what the top selling dvd's and the first three rows are violence and horror,
something IS wrong with our culture ~ IT IS LOST!!!!
....soldiers for armegeddon are what this culture is breeding:(

xo, Rosemary

Jacqueline said...

Great review, what are they thinking! Glad to hear from someone honest. My daughter must have seen previews because she said, no way to it and now I know why. Thanks for honesty.

Alisa Noble said...

I was planning on going next week to see it, but now maybe I should reconsider.
Stay warm.

Swoon with Deb Hodge said...

Thank you!!! I NEVER want to see it!!

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