Monday, January 24, 2011

Party Planning!


Magnolia Pearl wants YOU to be the best dressed Gal at Round Top!!!! Click on her name above to see her new Spring Line of clothing(thank you to Cindy Craine for the image above). There’s a BIG Party being planned in March!!!!! At Round Top Antique Fair!!!! Right smack in the middle of Texas(to see more about this go to my sidebar & the section that says LABELS – click on Round Top)!

The emails are flying fast & furious! There will be a BIG Group of us all playing together. The regular Texas gals that you always know gather & live it up… well, California & Arizona have decided to be heard from too! Here’s the list of party girls in our group:

Diane Cook(Texas), Riki Schumacher(California), Joy Campbell(California), Karen Decapite(California), Sandy Navarro(California), Susie Hebdon(California), Cindy Craine(Texas), Karen Valentine (Arizona) & Marianne/Barb from Arizona that Joy just told me about today (sorry I don’t know their blogs)! I hope you will visit each of these gals listed above because each one is AMAZING & we are going to have the time of our life!!!! ROUND TOP ROCKS!!!!!! Flights are booked, rooms are booked.

I am bringing my Junkin Cart! Joy is designing a liner & I am going to have her make me one! She plans to sell these little treasures so IF you need one be sure to contact her. Do you know what a Junkin Cart is? Here is a photo of one I ADORE!!!!!!!!


This beauty belongs to Shea & Debbie of A GILDED LIFE.

DSC02808 Everything they touch is magical! I love the Dupioni Silk fabric on the outside of this but, I’m thinking… Round Top = Cow Pastures + spring rain possible… hmmmmm maybe I need a little more practical fabric for my Junkin Cart. I know Joy will do an amazing job so stay tune for an update on that! Also, coming soon… I received my first box from the Gilded Life Stash Society (see my sidebar for a for that) & it is heavenly! Gilded Life Stash

I will be posting photos of the goodies inside that heavenly little box of Mail LOVE! IF you sign up to join they have a special blog for members only that has great ideas for the items included in each months stash. My friend Jan & I are planning to get together once a month to work on projects. I can’t wait to start & then there will be more things to share. Oh this year is off to a great start don’t you think?

HUGS! Charlene


Alisa Noble said...

Can't wait to see what you create with your Gilded Stash!

Jan Hennings said...

Sounds like a great time and I can't wait to see some pictures :)

Maija said...

Joy and Karen told me how excited they are to be meeting up with you at Round Top!! So happy jealous for you girls! Wait til you meet Marianne and Barb! They are fabulous!!!!

Sandy Navarro said...

LOVE'IN THE PEARL! Even though I may look a little like Bo Peep; ok, make that Bo Peg!

I get first dibbs on sharing your junk'in cart! Ok, I'll play nice and share it w/Karen too! LOL Is there goona be enough room in that for all 3 of us? Hmmmmmmm

Can't wait!

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Round Top is THE place to go! There is so much to see and do and BUY! You'll definitely be needing that "junking cart." It's a must have for anyone that goes.
Patricia :o)

Lisa Phillippi said...

I can't wait till the end of March for Antiques week at Warrenton & Round Top! I went last fall and Im seriously addicted! I hope to get to meet you and som of the other ladies at the blog party!

Monica said...

Woo hoo!!! Can't wait to see the pictures!!!!
Hugs, dear one!
Monica xo.

VS said...

All I can say is YUMMY & I will truly miss my ole cart since I have to fly...unless they will let me take it?? We'll see...
Love you CP & your words of comfort & peace touched me so & I took everything you said to heart.
Thank you sweet friend!
Luv Ya Texas Gal,

Karen Valentine said...

I have never been so excited to go on a trip before in my life!!! And that in included Hawaii!!!! It already feels like we've been planning for months!.... wait... we have!!! I can't wait to be able to give you a "real" big ol' hug!!!!

Jacqueline said...

Sounds like a party. Wish I could be there. I can't wait to hear about it though. You girls don't have too much fun ok?!!

Diana said...

You ladies are going to have such fun!!!! Perhaps I can join you some time. Love the junkin cart..tres chic indeed....junkin in style. You are going to have a fantastic time my friend.

mo said...

Charlene, You my dear are such the "social butterfly".

Graceful and sweet, flying from gathering to gathering.

You do make the most of your life. I can tell through your blog.


Diane said...

Super fun we will have! Can hardly wait!! Yeeeeehawwwww!!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

So looking forward to the shows. I will definately be having the blog party and one of your friends mentioned is one of the honored guests! Can't wait. The info. on my side bar for those interested. Thanks, T

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Hi Charlene,
To answer your question: I'm not sure if I'll be going to round top this spring or not. If I do, I'm pretty sure I won't be there for Sunday's blog party:(
However, if you're ever in San Antonio and want to meet, I'd love to get together. Just let me know.
Patricia :o)

Cindy Adkins said...

Wow, what an amazing post--I love everything!!! And how fun this will be for you to all get together...that's so fun!!!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Charlene,
what a wonderful start of 2011! Love that junkin cart.Take lots of photos! said...

I'm still kicking myself for missing M.Pearl's booth while in Texas last fall. We should have timed our trip better!!!!

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