Saturday, April 23, 2011

Shopping In High Style!


Ms Kim KNOWS how to plan a shopping trip!!!!!!! This was the CHARIOT that picked us up early Sunday morning (thank you again Cheryl for the photo as I didn’t think to snap one). And even the inside was filled with treats from none other than my friend Cynthia who took us for all those wonderful shopping trips at the beginning of our visit. She makes handmade designer chocolates & cakes. Below is the creation she made for over 50 ladies on the bus (Lulu thank you for letting me borrow you photo as once again…) This is a MANY step process as the frame is one piece of chocolate, the corset & the red windmill (for Moulin of course) yet another separate pour. And the packaging so pretty.

First stop was the Long Beach Flea Market. Cynthia & I chose to stay on the bus as it was raining & windy!!! It was only Cynthia, Cheryl, Kim (& maybe Terri) & I on the bus but, boy am I glad I didn’t get off into the weather as I got so sick anyway (with the Moulin BUG that went around). They shopped for an hour & a half then jumped on the bus & we were off to San Diego. We had about an hour & a half ride so we passed the time watching Cher’s movie Burlesque. I hadn’t seen it but, I liked it.

Mermaid Mercantile  collage

We were on our way to see Debbie Beard & her adorable shop called Out of the Blue. We were lucky enough to hit her once a month special event called Mermaid Mercantile. She has great vendors that set up & sell outside of the shop. If you have a chance click HERE to find out what is next.


Everyone saves beautiful shoes & embellishes them for a new Chandi to sparkle & shine… RIGHT????? Debbie does.

Tiny Glittered Shoes collage

Or takes tiny little shoes & makes them sparkle & shine all the while taking front & center on that darling floral settee.


You know I ADORE Shells & Mermaids & all things SHORE but, this pink manni takes my breath away.

Shell Manni collage

Debbi did an amazing job with the shell encrusted mirror reflecting “MY MANNI” Oh how I wish these treasures had found their way home with me. LOVE LOVE … but, let’s move on to our next stop Vignettes (again in San Diego click HERE for a link ).


SERIOUS RETAIL THERAPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paris sign by Jenn

You walk in the door & the WONDER OF IT ALL HITS YOU!!!!

Sea Horse Door collage

The door to this vintage armoire has a shell sea horse added with just the right amount of sparkle & bling…. “Oh HONEY a guestroom redo would be divine”….

Wedding Case collage

Cindy Craine do I have your attention now? Wedding LOTS of amazing vintage wedding & bling!

Channel 2collage

And Sandy & I will just take the case & all the Channel contents please! See the vintage bling buttons in the photo below/right???? Some of those belong to me! Shhhhh don’t tell Hubby!


Have you had enough BLING yet?


Never enough bling…………..

Bling  collage

And the bling purchase of the day was my vintage I Magnum vest seen below. I adore it! Heavy beading front & back. A treasure for sure! I think my manni will have a change in her future. Or maybe I need ANOTHER MANNI!

My Vest from the Vignettes

I loved this top hat & would so love to create one of my own.


And then there were these AMAZING KITES everywhere & they told us the artist would soon be featured in many magazines, so see if this creative outlet speaks to you… It did to Kim as she had to have one!

Kites collage

Speaking of paper… our last stop was over to Paper Tales for the best shopping of all things scrapbooking & beyond. The store is owned by the sweet Michelle (who was one of my table mates at last summers Les Siren's Art Event by Kim) & I can’t believe I didn’t get a photo with her!!!! DARN!!! But, thank you Michelle & staff for a great pizza party & a place for me to leave another $100 plus dollars. Just me helping the economy & killing my wallet! But, below I did get a hug from sweet Karen (another tablemate from last summer) whom I have kept up through our blogging together. Be sure & go HERE to see more of her beautiful creations like that sweet little cake below. HUGS sweet friend it was great to see both you & Michelle.

Karen  collage

Well that is it for Moulin Rouge. Thank you for bearing with me because there were a lot of photos & I was late in getting them posted. But, HECK I’VE BEEN BUSY!!!!!!!!!!! Remember 2 days after returning home I had company & was off to Round Top Antiques Festival. Yep! That’s what’s coming next! So, stick around & be sure to come back after you are finished with the Easter Bunny.

Happy Easter My Precious Friends!

HUGS! Charlene


Kathy said...

Wow! What an amazing outing! Looks like it was well planned with great stops!
Thanks for sharing,

Blondie's Journal said...

I can NEVER have too much bling! Your pictures are fabulous, Charlene!

Just popping by to wish you and yours a wonderful and blessed Easter!


VS said...

Wow...what a fabulous time you had Charlene!!!! I hope you & BF & little Elle have a Wonderful Easter tomorrow friend, filled with all kinds of yummy goodness!!
Bug Hugs,

Lisa said...

Oh my what fun! I would just enjoy being in those stores!!
Happy Easter!
Hugs, Lisa

Lily's Lace said...

So say it in your best Sammy Davis Jr. voice, "Bling-a-ding-dingy" A Texas Girl can never have too much bling, it's our birthright! Bling, big hair and more bling! I wish I had been there, except for the everyone getting sick part. Love your post as always, you're the best evah'! xoxoxoxo-cin

Jacqueline said...

What a fantastic outing! You girls had too much fun. I would love that mannequin at my house, where I have no idea, but it is just too fab! Thanks for your wonderful visit!
Have a fabulous Easter!

Jan Hennings said...

So much to take in and it's all GORGEOUS! Happy Easter :)

Alisa Noble said...

That is some fantastic shopping!

Lily's Lace said...

OMG I just went back and saw the wedding case! I want all of it! What a wonderful collection and display, thank you for sharing with me! Now, when can we got back?????xoxox-cin

Unknown said...

WOW! What a fun shopping trip. I would have spent and spent with all of those lovely things. I have a friend who would LOVE that chandie. I'll have to send her the pic. Thanks so much for sharing.

a quiet life said...

wow you gals take your shopping serious, you mmust have had a ball!

Karen said...

Oh did have fun! But there could not have been a WORSE weekend weatherwise!! Record amounts of rain all over So Cal. Not a good day for the Swap Meet.
But ALWAYS a good day for shopping indoors!
:) HUGS! Karen

June said...

Holy cow!!!! You had me at 'floral settee' Charlene!!!! What a great shop Vignettes is! And the mermaid has some gorgeous things too. You guys must have had a blast shopping together.
sending hugs from here... said...

I had a great day playing hooky from the bus trip, but I'm still sorry that I missed it all!

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