Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We LOVE The Urban Barn!


Oh the wonder of it all… Wednesday was a trip south to The Urban Barn in Escondido, CA.


IF I had a girly Foo Foo Studio I would sooooooooo have to have the sofa in the first photo. And this chair!!!!!!!!!! Isn’t it 2DIE4? Sold… So sad. But, I so want to find another one & have Darlah make one for me.


Oh the PINK WONDER of it all.

DSC04600 DSC04609

This LARGE canvas was so interesting with all the items making it soooooooo 3D.


I sooooooooo LOVED this!

DSC04604 DSC04610

Jewelry boxes with BLING! Yes, Cindy… I KNOW you are hyperventilating!

DSC04603 DSC04606

I think I need to bring out my van so I can load it up. BUT, THEN I WOULD HAVE TO DRIVE IN THE MADNESS OF THIS PLACE! OMG!!!! I don’t think I have big girl panties big enough for THAT job!!!! The traffic & road rage out here is scarrrrrrrrrrry!!!! OK! back to the treasures… OH NO!!!! More shells & Manni’s!

DSC04608 DSC04607

DSC04625 DSC04619

Such clever ideas were everywhere! So love the pillow on that chair on the right!

The sparkle tufting on that ottoman.

DSC04620 DSC04623

Lulu Kellog & Cindy Craine…. JUST BREATHE!

DSC04622 DSC04621

Now, I am NOT a molded baby doll (although I’m all over the German Doll heads & frozen Charlottes') person. BUT, these guys I DID LIKE!

DSC04626 DSC04627

Do you have something with an old mirror that is really cloudy & your thinking… I don’t know about this piece but, LOOK at how FABULOUS this turned out!

DSC04630 Deb Hodges Photo from Urban Barn

Loved this display case of Debbie’s (she is the one that made my starfish Sandy gave me for my birthday gift) & as you can see… Sandy & I did a good job covering it up for this photo op (thanks to Deb Hodge)! And look below for the wonder held within this beauty! Reminds me of the book done by my friend Charlotte Perz that I am still pouting that I didn’t get one. But, holding out for a little tutorial as I NEED this.


Speaking of Deb HodgeI ADORE THAT GIRL! I buy a LOT of my clothes from her. She is freaking amazing when it comes to linen… Well, she is teaching another great class at The Urban Barn & it is CUTE! Look below. And here’s the link on The Urban Barns Blog to sign up.

Boo Class by Deb Hodge

The images are printed on linen & it is simply a yummy color.

O from Deb's Class Another o from Deb

And the last thing that I LOST my mind over… AND NO!!!! My BIG BOTTOM will not fit in these size 4 jeans! And it may loose it’s charm in my size but, I’m gonna give these a try.

DSC04605 Which pair do I like the best?

DSC04615 DSC04616

Darlaha said these are adorable in vintage men’s jean (like 501’s), baggy with a belt…

I KNOW this has been a LONG post but, I had soooooooooo much fabulous stuff to share with you! Click on the links & visit everyone. Drool over the goodies & come back soon for more California Dreamin & the I’m soooooooo lovin being away from the madness of the Texas Summer we are having this year. THANK YOU sweetie for staying home & taking care of HOME while I play. You're the best!

HUGS! Charlene (& Sandy)


Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

OMG! I would have thought I'd died and gone to heaven if I walked in that shop!!! Everything is so pretty and over the top.

Love your photo. You girls look very pretty and happy.


LuLu Kellogg said...


Yes, I am hyperventilating!!!

Deb truly is so talented and I love her clothes!

Thanks for showing all this eye candy so we can live vicariously!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic of you and Sandy....you girls are so pretty!!!


Lily's Lace said...

Thank you for the doll head photo, I loved them! Way too cool! Were they expensive? They look really old, that usually means $$. As far as the jeans, get them both! Always works for me!! Glad you're having fun, give boo-boo a hug for me,xoxoxo-cin

Maija said...

OMG!! What delicious-ness!!!
I adore the jeans! Can't wait to see which you wind up with!!!

Karen Valentine said...

Wow. There aren't any words to describe the JEALOUSY and the HAPPINESS that I feeling right now!! No wonder you are having a fab time. It doesn't get any better than hanging out with friends who "get you" surrounded by the the most amazing shopping!! I'm thrilled you are having such a good time!! Have a safe trip home!

blossoms vintage chic said...

Hi Charlene,
OMG!! So~so sad I missed you girls but so glad you made it to Urban Barn...isn't Darlah amazing!!
I'm in love with her space too!!
The jeans are fabulous and I hope you bought a pair or two!! Good grief, can you believe how amazingly talented Deb Hodge is...I love~love~love her clothes!
Hoping you will be at the Vintage Marketplace!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

How fun, Charlene! Pure eye candy! I am loving the shell pieces...

CLD said...

What a great place..had to look more than twice. Those jeans..oh my gosh.. darling. I love...I want!!
Thank you for sharing such a fun place. Enjoy the day! Bobbie

Robin said...

It was a pleasure meeting you Charlene:) I am glad you enjoyed California. I would love to visit Texas.

Riki Schumacher said...

Hi Charlene! Thanks so much for your sweet comment about my new blog, really appreciate your support. It will be fun to develop. Wow, what a fab trip to the Urban Barn! That place looks like so much fun. So glad your class with Diana was a blast, how could it not be? Wish you could have met Miss Maddie too. Such a sad story about the Hav, wow. Might see you in Texas in March, never know!!! Hugs, Riki

Karena said...

Charlene those jeans are so darn cute!! So many super finds!

Come and join my new fashion Giveaway from Fresh Produce!

Art by Karena

VS said...

Oh, I'm soooo excited you had so much fun at the Urban Barn...I always think TEXAS is the BEST for anything vintage, be we Cali's have a few good things here!!! lol
I LOVED being able to spend time with you CP & the girls the other night...it was such a GREAT evening. I MISS you when I'm gone from Texas for too long & how fun was it to have you here by me...LOVED it!
I'm excited about the possibility of you & Larry maybe spending a little more time here in the summers, that would be awesome...for you guys & all your friends here!!
Big Hugs & know I ADORE you...

Thrash said...

Hello Charlene,
I just joined your blog and it looks like you are enjoying your life! I do have a personal question and there's no hurry getting back to me- I've become hooked on my ancestry and in search of possible connections I came across you. Is your maiden name Wirth by chance? If so I will be elated and if not, I will continue to follow your love of all things vintage!

Warm Regards,
Denise Thrasher

Sandy Navarro said...

Yup, I knew you'd love California's little piece of Round Top. The Urban Barn is a truly amazing place with so much eye candy and inspiration. What a wonderful jammed packed day with my favorite gal pal.

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