Monday, February 20, 2012

A Charming Romance Class

A Charming Romance Class

I can tell you that the bracelet above (which is the class sample) didn’t happen in just 2 days! This bracelet belongs to Diana Frey (one of our two instructors). I have just spent the last 2 days learning soooooooooooo many techniques with Diana & Riki Schumacher. Friday Sandy, Joy & I headed to San Luis Obispo for two days of fun & creativity. EACH charm takes a lot of time to create.


Day one had Riki showing us the magic of PMC Silver Clay. The entire morning was spent with demo’s on etching metal & PMC Silver Clay. The entire afternoon was spent making out charms. Rolling the precious metal clay out & stamping the different patterns into the wet clay. Or using molds that we created (from objects that we had with us) or using one of Riki & Diana’s many molds. Everything went into the kiln for two & a half hours of HOT firing.


New tools to learn… I had seen photos of a metal saw but, the thought made me shutter. Riki made it look easy as pie! Did I do this? NO! But, I did try many different tools.


Next up… Diana showed us so many connection ideas that we were just amazed at all the choices. Rivets, screws, nails & many other new things to try.


Above is just a couple of examples. I’m sorry my photos are really not great but, most of them were taken for remembering techniques not beautiful blog photos. But, I wanted to share all the fun things we learned. Don’t you love the variety there? I LOVE the square piece that has a vintage watch face sandwiched between the 2 etched layers. I soooooooooo want to do that too.


Joy really was on a roll & actually got many of the charms she made onto her bracelet (above). Also, you can see a collection of many of all the students piecesl put together for a group photo. Some of the items were the etched sheets, cut out whether in a circle or a square, some sandwiched together, PMC charms layered onto the etched piece or just stand alone. A heart with a bale made from a 16 gauge wire, hammered into a paddle shape bent & secured through another heart with a long screw, a German porcelain doll head drilled with a diamond tip bit… the learning went on & on. Truly feeding the artful soul.



After all of this… I kind of think Maddie had the right idea…


My bed is calling my name & there is another full day of fun ahead tomorrow.

HUGS! Charlene


Leaping Frog Design's said...

These are amazing Charlene..Such a variety!! It is amazing when you can see everyone's pieces together..Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Incredible! The textures and details on each piece. What an incredible class to be part of.

Tina said...

Those charms looks awesome. Love the square with the clock face too. Those bracelets are amazing.

Jill Marcott-McCall ~Feathers & Flight~ said...

Oh My Gosh Charlene!!! What a Great Class with 2 Amazingly Talented Teachers! You are so Lucky to be Learning from them! Dang! One of these days I will get to take a fabulous Class like this one!! You Lucky Gal!!
I have Missed you and I Hope this Finds You well my Friend!

Vivi Magoo said...

Oh Charlene! You’ve gone back to Diana’s, and I haven't gotten there once! You are one lucky girl!

The PMC charms look amazing! I want to learn these techniques!!!

Will I see you in Round Top during Antiques Week? I’d love to meet up with you ~ Maybe dinner at Royers! Make sure to bring your beautiful stash with you if you come!

Maggie said...

I must admit to a LOT of jealousy! Can't wait to see more pictures. What a fantastic workshop, learning from the masters. Such creativity!

Have fun!

Lily's Lace said...

In a land far far away you're doing this class,
For now I'll look at photos, and watch the time pass.
But when you get home I'll be at your door,
"Teach me now I want to see more!"

It looks like so much fun and I know when you're finished your bracelet will be wonderful! Can't wait till you get home so we can have show and tell! Hugs to all the girls!xoxox-cindy

LuLu Kellogg said...

This is what I want to learn how to do next! Everything looks AMAZING!


Diane said...

Oh, these pictures tell me that you had a wonderful time! No, I don't think it was made in 2 days...not even 3!

Sandy Navarro said...

Did we have a good time or what! I loved having 2 teachers and spending quality time w/my BFF!

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