Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Framed Class by Riki

Group Photo
There's nothing better than being with like mined souls……  Friends from classes of the past, Kim Caldwell of Artistic Bliss(amazing Art Events that I love to go to) & some of our friends from that Art Scene joined us.
Frames #2  from Riki's Class at Joy's Nov 2012
Taking a sheet of metal, cutting your shape & adorning the whole thing with bits & baubles of goodness.  Above is the finished projects by all the girls.  The little opening (for a photo) is only 1 inch.
Riki teaching
My buddy Riki Schumacher is a great teacher (click on her name & you can go visit her blog) & we all had soooooooooooo much fun being together to learn & play.
Here’s a close up of my finished piece.  I am ready to find just the right photo to put inside.  But, you could also use this concept (without the hole) to make a necklace focal piece.
Diana Salvuchi  Susan Hunt
I got to see my friends Susan Hunt & Diana Salvuchi & it brought back fond memories from the very first jewelry class back in 2009.  Both these sweet girls were at my table at that class.  And I have been blessed to be able to see them now & again at other classes.
There’s NOTHING BETTER THAN BEING WITH BESTY’S!  Where the heck is Joy & Laurie in this photo?
Joy hard at Work
Ahhhhhh Ms Joy is working on her project!
Joy in her studio
The whole event was hosted at Joy' Campbell’s beautiful home.  This is a photo of her in her adorable studio.  She is indeed an amazing hostess.  The food & presentation was over the top!
The day before class Joy, Laurie, Vickie, Cindy & I all went downtown Claremont to enjoy a really fun alfresco lunch.
Riki at Flea Market
And on Sunday after the class a few of us went to a great Flea Market to scoop up some treasures.  The jewelry, dolls, bits & pieces all found there way into our bags (or boxes shipped home). 
Joy & Laurie at Flea
Here’s Joy &^ Laurie with proof of the treasures!  Look at Joy’s buggy it’s full & Laurie is toting a BIG sack of goodies.  Thank you Joy for the hospitality & having us all together.  And thank you Riki for coming to teach us & share your talent & fun spirit.  And thank you to all my friends who make my life so much more meaningful.  I love you each so much!
I’m sorry I am so very behind in all my posts & I hope to do a better job going forward but, I have been traveling so much & the make up at work is over whelming when I return.  So…. my poor blog has suffered.  I really hope to do better in 2013.  Thanks for hanging in there with me.  I love to know you’ve stopped by so leave me a comment to say hello.  And thank you Riki for letting me borrow some of your photos for this post!
HUGS!  Charlene


Hearts Turned said...

Okay,'re having SOOOO much fun this year, I really think it should be illegal! Just kidding--I'm jealous!

Love what you're doing & all you're learning--and if I lived near you, I'd probably arm wrestle you for that GORGEOUS mermaid piece you made! I LOVE IT!!!!!

Yes--next time you're coming to California--anywhere NEAR the Bay area--let me know! I'll come and see you!

Wishing you a WONDERFUL Christmas season, dear friend!

Much love,

Cheryl said...

Man... how lucky are all of you to take a class. I guess I need to go out of Fresno to get any kinda of "class"... hmmmm... I think I just insulted myself lol
big hugs,

Karen Valentine said...

You are killin' me girlfriend!!! I know you guys had awesome time and those little frames are to die for!! Miss Ricki is awesome and so are all you girls! I liked every single one I saw!! Maybe one day I can meet you guys in Cali the next time you go????
Merry Christmas my friend!!!

Jo Ann said...

I just love your pictures of this event and the ones of Tennessee. Just saw Cindy's pics of California and she did a great job. I actually got to leave her a message! We will need to exchange CDs. I got some good pictures and know you did too.

Lily's Lace said...

We had so much fun didn't we! I love the photos! I can't wait for our next adventure! xoxoxo-cindy

Riki Schumacher said...

Hi Charlene! What a sweet post. You did an amazing job on your frame, and I had sooooo much fun teaching the class. You are so right, Joy was over the top in spoiling all of us! I could have that much fun any ole time!! Thanks for coming all that way, and bringing sweet Cindy with you! It was a really magical group, and the icing was shopping the next day! Hope to see you soon! Lots of hugs, and Merry Christmas, Rki

Jan Hennings said...

Oh WOW! Each of these pieces is GORGEOUS!

Kadee Willow said...

I wanna take that class... waaaaaa!! I will have to check out Ricki's classes and find out where she will be teaching that again. And question, please - what flea market did you go to? You always have such fun, girl, and I love living through your adventures!!

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