Friday, February 1, 2013

California AGAIN!!!!!!!

I promised to be better about my blogging.  AND I MEANT TO BE!!!!!  But, January started off with a BANG & I headed back to California for multiple reasons… But, while there I was so lucky to spend time with some of my Art Sisters.  I flew into Orange County Airport & Vickie whisked me away.  That weekend we hooked up with Sandy, Joy, Laurie (plus we saw Cynthia) at the Pasadena Bead Show.  It’s the “BOMB”  Best bead show I’ve ever been to.  We had a ball & spent WAY MORE $$$$ than we should have.  Dinner in downtown Pasadena was a blast & we all put our heads together planning our trip to Round Top this Spring (Cindy & I already have soooooooo much planned & I had to pin these girls down so we can start making reservations for the side trips).   
While there we also had a chance to head to Matilda Mouse Antique Show.  It only happens once a month (Friday & Saturday) & I had always dreamed of attending (& had my first chance in December while at Kim’s Winter Wonderland).  Well, this time the theme was LOVE & Valentines…..
The day was wet & cool but, we headed south anyway.  There’s the back of Vickie making a MAD DASH for the front door.   The sale is held in the old barn on the Betty Crocker Estate.
This is not the greatest photo (it was very hard with the overcast skies making it grey & dark (once inside it really got difficult & a flash just made it all weird light).  But, I showed you this so you could see the check out counter & all the great old architectural stuff in the barn (as well as the great bone structure of the barn itself).  It was cold & damp inside but, beautiful in a sort of rustic way.
Beautiful OLD treasures everywhere.
Such darling displays!
Outside nature had dressed in her finest…. the pyracantha berries bursting on this bush.  So pretty.  I could just imagine the birds joy when they see this.
And Matilda (she’s a Wirehaired Fox Terrier) made an appearance!!!! The show is named after this sweet dear.  She is very OLD & it is difficult for her to attend now but, her “Daddy” brought her down for just a little while.  She’s  so cute.  My friend Cynthia tells me she has always been dressed for the occasion (or theme…. one year at Christmas she was dressed like Mary in the Manger).  Here she’s sporting a vintage pink something for Valentines Day.  She lays up on the counter while “Momma & Daddy” run the cash register.  WHAT A LIFE!
Also, while there Vickie & I drove north to Nipomo to deliver Christmas gifts to friends of hers.  Since her sweet Hubby had surgery right before Christmas she hadn’t been up there to “play Santa”.  This gave us a chance to spend a couple of days with our dear friend Diana Frey.
With tears in our eyes we had to say good bye WAY TOO SOON but, there was much talk of our plans to be together this summer!  And… right before I left for California….. As if I didn’t have enough already going on, we signed a contract on a new house here in Texas.  I saw it right before I left but, jumped on that jet plane only to be signing more papers via email once in California.  Looks like I might not be enjoying that beautiful new Master Bathroom we just finished remodeling this past  fall.  Here’s a sneak peek at the house….
So, forgive me for my delay in starting my Blogging year out but, it looks like another busy year…. Stay tuned for house news & more photos from California.
Thank you to all my Art Sisters that I got to visit with.  I LOVE MY TIME WITH YOU!!!!!


Robin Thomas said...

Pretty, pretty!

Congratulations on that beautiful new house!

Blondie's Journal said...

You jammed a lot of fun in a short time, Charlene! I know you loved meeting up with all the gals and you really went to some awesome events! Good for you!

Your new home is absolutely gorgeous! When do you move in? Please share all the goings on with it! :)


Diana said...

Gorgeous house, Charlene!!!!! I know you will decorate it beautifully. Loved your surprise visit. It really lifted my spirits ....we had so much fun. You are a treasure.

TiffanyJane said...

I know yall had a blast, love the pics, looked like FUN!!!

Ok girlie, where is this new house!!!?!? Amazing!!!
I wanna come seeee!!!!!
talk soon,
xo Tiff

Sassy Southern Lady said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. Your new home is beautiful! I can't wait to see the inside.

Laura said...

It sounds like you have had a whirlwind of activities and fun ones at that.
And your new home-
oh is beautiful.

Thank you for coming by my blog.

It is always a treat to meet a fellow Texan.

I am a new follower-

White Spray Paint

Conversations with the Muses said...

Good Lord girl, that there's a palace!!! We gotta get you a beautiful crown to wear! Tell Larry he has to call you "My Queen". Can't wait to see what you do with the inside. Congratulations!
Oh!... guess what?! I think I will be doing a photo shoot with Robin Kaplyn's wedding dresses! When I know more about what we are doing I will let you all know.
Take care,

Charlene said...

Ahhhhhhhhh thank you girls for all the sweet comments about the house! IT HAS A LOT OF WORK TO DO!!!! It's just plain on the inside but, with time.... we'll make it ours. The thing we loved about it is the outside SHOP!!!! HUGS!

wendy said...

HI...thanks for stopping by my blog. I love meeting new people.
I always enjoy reading peoples "side bars" and see the lovely little tidbits that are there.
I noticed on your blog roll a few other people that I also read.
WOW...your new house is incredible. I bet my whole house would fit in your garage.
It's only 950 sq. ft.
Hubby built it before we got back he was making it kind of a "bachelor place".
Oh woe is me.
Anyway, I'm rambling. I'll be back to visit you again.

Susanne said...

Wow, sounds like a great time in California. So many great flea markets and antique sales all around the country I'd love to get a chance to go to. But I do get to Round Top. My sister comes down from Illinois in the spring just for that, well to visit me too I guess.

Congratulations on the new house, what a good excuse to get some treasures!

Alisa Noble said...

Congrats! It's pretty!
With all your remodeling you should sell fast!

June said...

Charlene your house is so gorgeous!!! I loved all the pics of your trip to California.
hugs from here...

Heather Ales said...

Now that's going to be a nice house! I'm sure your current one will sell super fast with all that hard work you've been doing! THanks for sharing your CA photos! I've gotta get out there one of these days!

Unknown said...

What a fun day! All of the architectural salvage makes my heart go pitter pat. Sending bloggy hugs your way!! Heidi

VS said...

Looks Absolutely Fabulous CP, what a dream house!!! I can't wait to get an interior tour soon, I love Texas homes...they always use soooo much beautiful BRICK!!! Love it!!! :))))

Kadee Willow said...

Another great road trip with the girls! I love living through you! I have heard so much about Matilda's and thank heavens you took photos. Isn't that dog too precious! And the house..... great deal for you!! I know all about signing papers when you're not there on the spot. Tension filled but isn't the adrenaline rush great??!

Sandy Navarro said...

We always have a fabUlous time together, my sister! Especially when there's tons of laughter! Congrats on the new house; can't wait til I can see MY new room in person!
Love ya lots!

Jill Marcott-McCall ~Feathers & Flight~ said...

You find the most amazing places to Visit! Thank You for Sharing Pictures so we can Visit Too!
Absolutely Stunning! You Must be so Excited! I Love the Brick! It gives it such an Old World Charm!
Have a Wonderful Day My Friend!

TiffanyJane said...

Hi Charlene!!! Thanks again for my sweet Valentine!!!! You are the best, so sweet :) Love all the pics, I need some of your energy, looks like tons of fun!
xo Tiff

Riki Schumacher said...

Love the new home Charlene, looks huge!! I know you will make it beautiful. Great shot of you, Diana and Vickie. Riki

Unknown said...

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