Monday, June 24, 2013

Moving is HARD WORK!

Welcome to my Entry Hall today.  Soooooooooo many of you have wanted to know about the move & see some photos.  So, I thought I’d start the tour.  WE ARE FAR FROM DONE!  But, I’m done for now.  We started this “journey” back in January.  Hubby had never adapted to the smaller lot that our last house was on.  We had down sized yard when we moved out of Arlington 14 years ago.  Thinking we wanted less yard to care for.  He just never adjusted.  You know what they say… You can take the boy out of the country but, you can’t take the country out of the boy.
Here is the entry on the day we looked at the house in January.  That’s our Realtor's little girl running through.
We didn’t like the “honey” colored wood on the stairs or any of the cabinets.  And we really hated the pink tile floors with wide dirty grout!!!! 
That is all gone now.  We had beautiful neutral colored tile put down (I wanted Travertine but, I didn’t want the up keep of it).  The front door was repainted on the inside.  Down the road it will be replaced.  There is no decor on the sideboard but, hey…. I’m working on it.  A promise I made myself is to not rush & do things I’m not happy with.
We painted the entire house.  Upstairs & down.  All the walls & all the trim.  3 hard workers for 7 days!
We wanted to rip the dirty carpet off the stairs & put wood on them.  But, as you made the bend at the landing… the stairs became very narrow & were dangerous.  I knew we didn’t need stairs that you couldn’t place your entire foot on as that was waiting for someone to fall down them.  There were 4 contractors called in & each had what they thought they could do.  But, contractor #4 had the right answer.  The stairs had to be rebuilt (the others wanted to place wood on top but, we feared when you stepped on the edge it would break).    So they were ripped out, rebuilt with solid hardwood & stained.  Our painter was able to sand & stain the ugly “honey” colored banister.
And now they are beautiful!!! And safe!!!  There have been soooooooooooooo many projects.  Not one room is left as we found it.  We still have boxes everywhere & hunt/seek is our favorite game (well, maybe not).  But, it’s a process.  I told my friend Laurie when she was telling us her moving woe's “Enjoy the process”.  Well, that’s bit me in the backside when I sang my woe’s to her.  She reminded me to ENJOY THE PROCESS!  And I am.  We’re making it ours.  We still have a long way to go but, I wanted to share the progress.
Above is a dirty little Ms Elle telling each of you to come back for more tales of the move.   I miss all of you my bloggy friends.
HUGS!   Charlene


Lisa Phillippi said...

Oh Charlene, I love the darker wood on the stairs! It is a lot of work, but you are making it your own...and I can't wait to see more projects!

Kadee Willow said...

Silly you... I'm cracking up over the "enjoy the process" comment! You sure meant well even though, when you are "in the process", it's not a whole lot to enjoy!! But I love your sweet nature!!! So.. the front door! In our house, I have decided to save some money and just replace the glass insert in order to get away from the 90's gold inserts. As mine is rectangular it's going to be an easier process and sure a lot less money than a new door. And as you know, that is only the beginning of making a house a home!! Thanks for posting and soon I will be doing the same. Love you.... xo

Unknown said...

Charlene! everything looks beautiful..good job, Shelley

Karen Valentine said...

Now THAT is an awesome transformation!! I love the dark wood!! Can't wait to see more girlfriend.

Michele said...

Dear Charlene-

Oh my word, moving - such an ordeal!

I love what you've done so far- it is so disruptive, isn't it? We did some remodeling earlier this year and I thought I would lose my mind trying to deal with so many contractors and so many scheduling dilemmas!

I read the wedding post - boy she is such a beauty, isn't she? I love you "adopted" her as your own too - sometimes that old fashioned "it takes a village" really does work.

Thanks so much for joining me today so I could find you. Blessings be yours today and always.


Createology said...

Thank you for visiting and leaving me comfort. Your home is lovely and the changes you are making are exquisite. I cannot imagine moving again. 15 years here and I still love my home, husband and surroundings. Life is good. Blessings...

Kim Caldwell said...

LOVE the transformation already! You have been a busy lady! Looks amazing!


TiffanyJane said...

Hiya Charlene!!!

So enjoyed my visit to your beautiful home!!! Beautifully decorated and I love all your art creations. Can't wait to see your next home projects will be!!
xo Tiff

karen hess jewelry said...

Charlene, your renovation is amazing and gorgeous! Having lived with 5 months of renovations, I feel your angst and pain with "the process." But, you will look back on this fondly, everything will find it's special place, and you will make the nest "yours!" Thank you for sharing your fabulous home with us.

Alisa Noble said...

The new stairs are beautiful, Charlene! Good call.

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