Thursday, August 29, 2013

California Dream’n

Back in June 2012 I was reading my new Romantic Home Magazine & came across the article about this enchanted cottage in Laguna Beach California.  I was totally mesmerized by the story & wrote to the owner via the email address given.  That is the beginning of my love affaire with Summerland Cottage & my friendship with her owner Paulette Adams.  Click  HERE to see the article on Paulette’s blog that opened that magic door.

That studio full of ceramic shells & other beauty…

A cottage on a hillside soooooooo very near the ocean.  A brick & rock wall with little pieces of magic stuck here & there by the Fairy God Mother (Paulette) herself.

A courtyard so beautiful & special.  And….. did I mention that Paulette has a B&B right there on the property?  YES, YOU COULD BE LUCKY ENOUGH TO STAY THERE TOO!  Go to her web site (HERE) & check it out if you think that might speak to your heart.

Beside being a talented ceramic artist, a painter & a million other things I could list off… she is a designer.  The photo above shows her on the set of stairs that she designed to go up to her bedroom.  The cottage is tiny & she needed something other than a ladder to access the space so this staircase is what she came up with.   Go HERE to see the post about this.  Imagine my big ole size 12 foot on those tiny little stairs!!!!!111  But, it was so worth it!  Because when you get to the top…

Her beautiful bed in a bay window with the breeze from the ocean (yes, you can see it from there) blowing the vintage lace hanging in the window frame.  Stunning!!!! 
So very special just like Paulette who created & shared it!

Picture 002
The photo above is of Paulette & I after a dream come true tour, lunch, shopping & promises that Vickie/I will return to play in the studio & make lots of little ceramic shells & treasures.  PINCH ME……..  I think I’m dreaming!!!!
HUGS!  Charlene


Romancing The Bling said...

Oh my, gorgeous! Thank you for sharing this treasure!
I know how much you love the ocean and looks like you had an amazing time!
I miss you and hope to be able to run in to you at an art retreat real soon!


Riki Schumacher said...

Awww, what a sweet cottage! That must have been so much fun to see. How fun! What a wonderful find for your dreamland vacation in CA. When do you guys head back, or did you already? Wish our girls could meet! xo Riki

Riki Schumacher said...

Oh we are just going to miss each other Charlene! We are going to be there about the 11th. Dang, well maybe one of these times the girls can meet?! I sure understand why you need to get back, lots to do! How exciting to be in a new home. Have fun with it.
Talk to you soon! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Dear Charlene,
I LOVed finally meeting you and Vicky in person, it was a fabulous visit, like kindred spirits reconnecting.
Thank you for the lovely post and I am looking forward to hearing what else you girls have been up to, and what new treasures you've found while visiting southern California.
Big hugs,

Decor To Adore said...

Oh I remember seeing that article and being intrigued myself. Those stairs are nothing short of brilliant. Thank you for sharing a closer look.

Have a lovely weekend.

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