Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends. I know this is supposed to be a day celebrated for lovers. But, love takes all forms. I just wanted to say how blessed I feel for having the love of a precious husband of 38 years. Also, blessing my life is the love & support of so many friends. Some old friends of many years & others new. I am so thankful to have all of you in my life & I want to say how much I love each of you. This little beauty of a card was sent to me by my friend JoAnn. She she is such a clever gal & she made this for me. The back part of the card & the envelope was of the most beautiful gold shimmer paper (the envelope had a sweet red heart sealing the point) Then the vintage images were the next layer. On a shopping trip she found a product that is clear & gives depth to the area you cover. JoAnn used this to highlight the headband, rose & writing on the card.
Here is my lunch setting for today with JoAnn's card on the table.
JoAnn sent me this photo of the candy she made for her honey & her friends. She was so funny when she called & told me about it. She said "I made the cutest candy for you but, I don't know when I will see you (after I told her my horrible work schedule for this past week & the next 2 weeks) geeeeeeeez I'll probably end up eating it all" She & I both just howled with laughter over this thought. Here is how to make the candy so if you need a quick desert & want to look very clever give it a try. It is only melted white chocolate poured in a valentine cookie cutter. Sprinkle with red hots and then drizzle with melted semi-sweet chocolate! Or... knowing you crafty girls take this & put your own spin on it! Happy Valentine's Day


Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer said...

Happy Valentines Day Charlene


LuLu Kellogg said...

Happy Valentine's Day my sweet friend!

Hearts and Hugs,

Charlene said...
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Monica said...

WOW Charlene!!! What a gorgeous table setting!! Love the sweets too!
Just to say my little shop is open!! Please come to 'meet' my Dolls and Angels, and to sneak a glance at my creations!
Monica x.

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