Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday with Oklahoma Flare

I told you I was off to spend the weekend with honey for his birthday. He had been working in Oklahoma City & invited me to meet him up there. When I arrived he had gotten us a room in this wonderful old Victorian home that had been turned into a B&B. It was located very near downtown Oklahoma City. The entrance had stunning beveled glass doors.
A closeup view of the door & side panel.
This is the side of the house showing our room on the second floor. Also notice the beautiful stained glass in the bay window below our room. That is the dinning room window.
Another view of the side showing the swing on the wrap around porch. Honey & I spent a lot of time sitting there enjoying the views.
This is the formal parlor. It was located to the right of the entrance.
And the living room to the left. As you pass through this lovely antique filled room you enter the dinning room. The buffet was decorated for Valentines day with a number of pieces of Cranberry Glass.
The bay window I mentioned before is highlighted here with the morning sun shinning through making the colors shine in all the colors of a rainbow. The woodwork in these old rooms was magnificent. We just don't have the luxury of this in homes today.
Another love of ours is to drive around & look at the architecture of these old neighborhoods & see many of the old homes. This is the Overholser Mansion which is owned by the Oklahoma City Historical Society. Unfortunately it was closed for renovation so we did not get to tour the mansion as we would have liked.
This was a private home located in the Mesta Park area of town. It was my favorite house. I have a lot more photos of it but, must move along. Can you imagine living here?
After all this site seeing we were hungry. We had asked at the B&B for a local place to eat. When we travel we try to find local fare instead of chains. The owner suggested Cheever's Restaurant. It is a little Bistro styled charmer located in an old flower shop.
This is the entrance. We got there at 5:00 & it is a good thing we were early since we had no reservations. We saw MANY people turned away. Honey had scallops with asparagus risotto & I had a lovely salmon in mushroom cream sauce. A must try if you are ever in this area.
Back to the B&B's welcoming sign. You can get the address & name from here.
They left the lights on.
A sweet little cherub to greet us by the steps.
We sat on the porch swing & enjoyed the lovely sky in the sweet dusk of a perfect day. Notice how beautiful the sky is in this photo.
Here is honey just enjoying his swing. Poor thing was so worn out we never made it to the movies as planned. Oh well, that just gives us an excuse to come back so see the new Warren Theater at another time or trip! Yippeeeeeee!After a wonderful breakfast it off to explore again. Susan & I had seen an exhibit of artist Dale Chihuly's work in Atlanta, Georgia a few years ago. That exhibit had been in the Botanical Gardens so most of the features were outside. This artist does the most amazing work in GLASS. I had heard that the Art Museum in downtown Oklahoma City had a lot of his work. We drove down to see the main feature that is in the three story atrium at the entrance. Since the museum was not open I could not get a good shot of the 55 foot centerpiece of the collection. Go to this link and take a look at a few of these pieces. I think you will enjoy it. And then, do some more searches to see other pieces of his work. Below is a few photos of the chandelier that is outside of the museum cafe. This unbelievable beauty is made of Waterford crystal. All the pieces are etched & sparkle with a diamond like brilliance as the lights hit it.
This is a close up of the whole chandelier from standing on a second floor balcony.
A real CLOSE UP of a few of the individual pieces to show you the etching & detail on this piece.
I hope you enjoyed our little trip & a few of the things we saw & did. I was so glad honey invited me to his party. Are you glad you got to go too? Life is good and adventure feeds my soul. And we saw so many different types of art. All wonderful in their own right yet, so very different from one century to the next... Imagine...


Blondie's Journal said...


This was such a sweet post. I have never been to Oklahoma City and of course now I would love to go! Your discription of the B & B and the restaurants, beautiful homes and the peaceful porch with it's swing was expressed in such a happy and serene sort of way, I sensed the romance in the air!!

I so enjoyed this little visit with you & your husband, a sort of proverbial fly on the wall way of course. Thank you for sharing!


Anonymous said...

How beautiful, I know your trip was a joy and you both made so many memories. I love to make memories. That glass work was wonderful. Glad you had a nice weekend and enjoyed the party.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a wonderful time and got to see so many beautiful things. I loved the glass chandelier, it is amazing. Don't you just love all the old houses. They had inspiritation and love built into them. Now it all about money! Have a great day!

Phyllis said...

Geez - this B&B is absolutely gorgeous! The chandeliers are kind of weird but tons of work in them.

Monica said...

Hi Charlene!
What a beautiful trip! The B&B was superb! Thanks for sharing, and happy St. Valentine's day !!!

Susan @ The Good Life! said...

I love old houses, especially Victorian houses. The chandelier is beautiful! Happy Valentine's Day!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Oh My Goodness!!!! What a wonderful trip!!!! Thank you for sharing all these lovely pictures :)

I have not been visiting much in Blogland these days because I am swamped with orders so I am trying to catch up today with my visits!


CIELO said...

Charleneeee... came by to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day and blessings to you and yours sweet lady... May you allow the wild beauty of the invisible world to gather you,
mind you, and embrace you in belonging.
- John O'Donahoe



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