Sunday, October 10, 2010

More Round Top

Are you tired of seeing photos of Round Top Antique Fair yet? Hope not because now that I am over the shock of my Magnolia SPLURGE (last post) I wanted to show you a few more vendors starting off with Willow's Nest.
Back last Spring Diane Cook & I took our fella's & went to visit the sweet gal in the photo below. She is none other than Linda from Willow's Nest Farm. We were looking at her cute B&B that she had for sale in the darling town of Burton, TX which is very close to Round Top. Both the guys thought they didn't want property "in town" but, Diane & I LOVED the property & all of the buildings on it. Don't you love the bed that she has set up in her cute space at Marburgers?
I LOVED the pillows she had with the adorable baby dress stitched onto the front.
And I LOVE the way she has the rusty metal walls yet hung a beautiful garland of vintage laces.
I almost bought that beautiful lacy dress on the hanger below (to wear over my Magnolia Pearl bloomers) but, was still in "sticker shock". LOVE the lacy cones that Linda made.

Next is Terry's Shop. Darn, I can't remember her last name. She lives part time in Colorado & part time in Arizona. I bought my beautiful lace panels from her the last time I went to the Round Top show a couple of years ago. The bed in the photo below was stunning (too bad I couldn't crop the fan out of the photo but, it was nice to have the breeze).
Terry has a real knack for display. LOVE the gold wings below. Where could I put those?
And the grungy old display case was SOLD but, what I LOVED was the crown. Sorry Sandy they were out of my price range EVEN for a BDay!
The most interesting thing was this Murphy Tub shown below. Just like a Murphy Bed which would fold down at night for you to sleep & fold up to go in a closet by day... the tub did the same thing. Check out the heat source for a HOT bath. Right on top!!!!! This baby had a SOLD tag on it & Terry said it had been purchased & would be in Victoria Magazine in the future. NEVER HAD SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE! That night the vendors were staying open late & Terry had plans to ice down beer & wine in this baby.
Next was a jewelry designers booth that I had loved 2 years ago. And Susie fell in LOVE with this gal & her clever displays & the whole feel of her space. She makes the jewelry out of found objects or vintage jewelry & then uses vintage counter cards as her display piece. You buy the jewelry ON the card. But, the gal had terrible business cards (orange card stock stamped with the info on it) & Susie tried to talk her into starting a blog & new cards. Susie is going to surprise her & do some business cards for her & send them to her. Susie said "she is TOO talented to have cards that look like that". Susie has a heart of gold. She sooooooooooooooooo fell in LOVE with Texas
Susie also loved the Muse for the shop in the large photo. See how she used old greeting card spinners to hold the cabinet cards? Hmmm I have a couple of those in the storage unit.
More of her beautiful wares (click on any photo to make it larger for details).
Notice the old umbrella on the inside of another one? Clever presentation don't you think?
I hope you enjoyed a few more snippets from Round Top.


Blondie's Journal said...

You have and make friends everywhere, wonder you can't remember last names!

There are so many things to see and love from your pictures...I don't know how the vendors can let go of some of their finds!

Thanks for more DELICIOUS pictures! :-D


Hearts Turned said...

Who could ever be tired of seeing all this fabulousness, Charlene! Not me!!!

What an enormous concentration of vintage beauty and inspiration--wow! Would have so loved to have been there!

So glad you're sharing all this--thanks, dear friend!


Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

I hope you have more pics. I love looking at things at Round Top. You can keep them coming.
Hugs, Pat

Sandy Navarro said...

Ooooh, FabUlous goodies! LOVE the crowns, bummer they were out of the price range. And that lace dress - would've fought ya for that one. Well, could have at least split the cost & it could be a bi-costal piece. Maybe we'll come across another one in the Spring.


Riki Schumacher said...

Oh Charlene, keep those snippets coming. I love it all. I would have loved that crown too! Yumm. Hope all is well and you had a great weekend. Have a wonderful week. Big hug and kisses, Riki

Unknown said...

Oh my! I love, love, love these photos. Ahhhh...the lace.
Creatively inspiring.

Karen Valentine said...

You are killing me!!!!! I can't get enough! It just makes me anticipate Spring all the more! Have a beautiful week my friend!

VS said...

Hey Sweet Gal...
Who could EVER get tired of Round Top Pics...they are what I live for!!!
That tub really was something else & I can't wait to see it in the magazine.
Skip 2 My Lou was such an amazing space, the contrast of the B&W cabinet cards with the colorful jewelry made such a fantastic booth. I emailed her, but haven't heard back yet...hope she contacts me, I created a pretty cute design for her cards. She said she was really busy & really didn't use email, so we'll see what happens.
Texas's sweet voice is calling to me, hope you are enjoying your time in Houston! Talks soon..
Hugs, Smiles & Love,

Robin Thomas said...

I have had that same conversation with Janet of Skip 2 My Lou! She comes to a show in Oklahoma City in October. I love her things.

Beautiful post!

oldgreymare said...

So I had to come back and visit and browse your blog to get to know you better and I was stopped dead in my tracks by the doily garland. OMG
I have a box full of these and no longer use them in crafting and ZHAZAM! I want a doily garland, no I NEED a doily garland. Thank you for showing the picture and I will give credit to Linda.

another happy snoopy dance!



deb did it said...

aww...I was there too! Isn't it all so beautiful.....thanks for sharing so many beautiful photos!

Vicki said...

I love so many things in these photos. The doily garland is a favorite! Thanks for sharing and nice to meet you! I"m a new follower.

Susanne said...

I'm loving all the pictures I see from Round Top, I didn't make it this fall but I think I saw the jewelry gal last spring. Some people are so amazingly clever!
Coming to your blog from Faded Charm, off to see some more of your eye candy.

Unknown said...

Such gorgeous finds! I could spend hours in Linda's booth alone, lol. Thanks for sharing all of the wonderful pics!

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