Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall Decor

79 Trees

This is what I WISH the fall looked like in Texas!  This photo was taken at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, N.C. a few years back.  No matter how much I LOVE Fall…  Texas doesn’t have much of one.  And with the horrible summer & drought it is hard to get in the mood.  But, I did get out my Fall & Halloween Decor. 


A new addition has been added.  A BLACK tree with pretty glowing ORANGE lights.  And on the tree I have placed some wonderful images sent to me from Kris Hurst.  SHE is an amazing artist that LOVES Halloween about as much as my sweet Lulu (speaking of Lulu I sent her Kris’s Halloween Calling Cards for her Birthday & I thought she would flip).  Go visit Kris (HERE) & her Etsy shop to see all the fun things she has to offer.  Great CD’s loaded with images.  Below is a sample of the cards I sent to Lulu.  Go HERE to see her Etsy Shop.

Personalized Halloween calling cards download

Back to the tree & the cute goodies from Kris…


At the top is one of my favorite cards which I want to believe is myself… choosing which broom to ride.  And the hat as the topper is Ms Elle’s hat for Halloween.

Halloween Tree collage

See how cute is all of that?  And I did 6 soldered ornaments of myself & friends the year we had a “Witch Party”  in that top right photo you can see the one of me in my hat next to the cute Trick or Treat Flash Cards from Kris.  The bottom left has my purple glittered Spells & Potions sign above the Calderon that CACKLES as you walk by.


And on top of my refrigerator is this adorable black metal witch (her lantern lights up with a tea light), my pumpkin arrangement, Scrabble letters, & my reproduction vintage pumpkin cans.  Also, I LOVE the card “Best Friends” my friend JoAnn sent me one year (it comes out every year).


My cute witch candy dish sits on the counter in front of my sink.  She makes me smile while I do the dishes & I am soooooooooo proud that I haven’t eaten one of those Almond Joys.

Chandi collage

My breakfast nook chandi wears her cute fall shades & has a beautiful garland wrapped among the arms.  And my table sports a much loved tablecloth & has a candle, pumpkin bowls & leaves in the middle.  See the leaf plates on the plate rack?  Those are great for salads, snacks or desserts.


The vintage hutch has so many goodies on it & I LOVE the arrangement & those two cute cards I had framed.  The artist is Susan Wheeler & I LOVE her art!

Bunny collage


The hutch holds my pumpkin tea set & those stunning blown glass pumpkins Hubby bought me in a Gallery in Asheville.


Just a tiny part of my collection of cut glass salts, salt shakers, & cruets.  And behind those is a tin plate with a stunning fall scene on it.  This was a gift from my sweet friend Nan of Retired in Alaska Blog.

   76 Morning View from Room at Grove Park

So, here’s another shot from Asheville & me pretending I’m there (I’m sure one of those houses would be perfect).  And wishing I had been at Jenn’s Event held there this weekend… but, my home is decorated & I stayed home to spend my 41st Anniversary with my sweet Hubby.  As I told all my gal pals… You have to know when to NOT PUSH YOUR LUCK with Art Events!    Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into my home.  Do you have yours decorated?  I am linking with all the girls at Show Off Your Cottage Monday & Show & Tell Friday.  Click the button below & go by & see what they are all up to.

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HUGS! Charlene


Blondie's Journal said...

You really have the Halloween thing going, Charlene! Your tree is fact, I just love everything. You have a lot of talented and generous friends. And I know LuLu and her love for Halloween!!

Happy Anniversary, dear friend. I only wish you were in Asheville to celebrate!!


LuLu Kellogg said...

Your decor is right up my alley! It's beautiful!!! I just ADORE Kris' work and this was just the best birthday gift...I can use them over and over and I will never get tired of them!!

You know I am going to be watching that calendar and waiting for March to hurry up and get here! YIPPEE!!!!!!

I love you!!

Lisa Phillippi said...

Your fall decor looks beautiful!! Im at least gratefull we have a little cooler weather...after sweating my pattotie off in the fields of warrenton only a few weeks ago...these cooler mornings and evenings are nice! Have a Happy the tree!

Nan said...

Hi My Friend,
Thanks for the mention on your post. Lovely Fall colors. The first big wind we get ours will be gone.

Riki Schumacher said...

Beautifully done Charlene! Love your decorations. Decorated? Hmmm, nope! Mine will be cleaning up my workshop some! Ha ha! What is Elle wearing for Halloween? I have Maddies costume ready. Lots of hugs, Riki

High Street Cottage said...

Hi Charlene, I wish our Fall looked like your photo too! For a while we lived in Illinois and the colors of the leaves were amazing!

Diane said...

Oh, this was fun. Love your decorations Charlene...all that orange and black goodies....witches and pumpkins....ahhhh, Asheville, North Carolina looks beautiful dressed in fall.

Jan Hennings said...

What cute Halloween decor! The black tree with orange lights and all the little decor is adorable :)

Carolyn said...

Lots of pretty halloween decor-I love the collage.


Maija said...

Your Halloween home looks fabulous!!! And Ashville is even more beautiful in real life!!! We missed you so much this weekend- you would have fit right in!! The clothing, the venue...just perfect!!! But you were a good girl to stay home with your hubby- 41 years is a long time, and you want to keep it that way!!
I can just imagine Lulu's head exploding when she saw those custom cards!!

Alisa Noble said...

It really would be nice to live in a place that had all four seasons.

Decor To Adore said...

Your festive fall tree is amazing!

Jessica Rodarte said...

Oh Charlene! Such pretty decorations! I love the flash cards you used! So festive! :)

Lily's Lace said...

Looks great! I have nothing up yet! We have hoodlums in the neighborhood so I can't put anything outside and I have two hairy hoodlums inside that are knocking everything over so I'm jealous!

Robin Thomas said...

Love your black tree. No wonder you and LuLu are friends!

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Hi Charlene,
Love all of your decor! The details on the tree are so fun. The cards, well they are just fabulous! Bet your friend squealed with delight. Thanks so much for visiting me. Now following you.
p.s. Not to make you feel bad, but I posted pics today of beautiful Fall here in UT. But you know, snow comes after Fall. UGH! Love the looks, not so much the cold.

C'est moi Claudette said...

Bonjour Charlene
Just a quick note to say hello from Canada.
I just got home late last night from Asheville, and wanted to come and visit you.
I see why LuLu loves you. You girls LOVE your Halloween!!! And yes I met Cindy. She's a lovely lady from Texas. I told her I had never been there before and she said she had never been to Canada.
Well I must catch up on EVERYTHING around here right now.
WOW do these events knock your socks off or what?
Happy 41st Anniversary Charlene.
I'm happy to meet another Texan friend.
Give your little Elle a kiss for me and I'm sorry to see that your beautiful Reba has gone to rainbow bridge.
Love Claudie

Jill Marcott-McCall ~Feathers & Flight~ said...

Hello Miss Charlene!
Your Tree is GORGEOUS!!! I Love the picture of the Little Girl trying to figure out what Broom to Ride! So many Pretties you Have! What a Wonderful Fall Display Missy!
Have a Wonderful Day!
I emailed you too!'Hugs

Custom Comforts said...

I didn't realize you don't get much fall color in Texas. I guess that is one of the advantages of living in the 4-season states, but just remember this winter, that you are much, much warmer than we are. Sometimes I get a little jealous of the warmer climates, but on a crisp fall day with color in the leaves, even if it's raining, I realized I like the changes. Everything is a trade off. At least you have a lot of pretty fall going on inside.

Mary said...

Hi Charlene~ Love your black tree with orange lights and all your halloween ornaments....choosing "witch" broom to ride! I have to know what Ms Elle thinks about the cackling cauldron :)

Monica said...

Dear Charlene,
WOW! 41 years!! Happy anniversary!!!!
What a lovely decor... does sweet Elle like your stuff?;))
Monica xo

Chris said...

Hi Charlene, your halloween and fall decorations are very nice. The pictures of Fall in Texas are lovely. I found and am now following you through Show And Tell Friday, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

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