Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Granite, Fun & A Weekend With Rain


As all of you know Texas is in a severe draught. HOW do you end the draught??? Plan a weekend trip in the RV. Take the GRANDS to the lake, pull the boat, RV, pack up all the stuff…. And presto RAIN! It’s OK I’ll take the rain for the blown plans as we NEED it so desperately. So, what do you do instead? EXPLORE! Do you love Granite/Marble? Do you have those gorgeous counter tops at your house (or want them)?

Do you know what it looks like in the natural state? Well we were in Marble Falls, Texas & the entire area is surrounded by acres of Granite. Above is a whole hillside of it & you can see the surrounding dry acreage just barren from dry conditions (but, it didn't hurt that cactus any did it?). As you can see above, NOTHING grows on the granite.

Chunks collage

Above huge “CHUNKS” sitting in the field after being mined. Some of them roughly broken & others have been mined to be huge square slabs. Each slab is numbered & waiting to be transported. Below you can see how it is cut out of the side of this mountain (almost looks like it’s been sliced doesn’t it?) & loaded into the rail cars. The Capitol of Texas was built out of the pink marble in this area (with convict labor as the the workers to mine it).

Cold Springs collage

The company(Cold Springs Granite) that owns this mine has been in business since 1951. While driving back to town we found the showroom for Cold Springs & in the parking lot was HUGE slabs of different pieces of granite that has been sliced, polished & ready for US (you & I) to install it in our homes. Oh I looked in the showroom windows & I will be back to see all the amazing designs they showcase in the showroom.


You can see the size of these slices of granite as hubby is six foot tall… And below is the side of the slice so you can see the rough unpolished side.


Colors!!! Oh sooooooooooo many colors.

Colors collage

Green, Pink, Black & White (Loved that one & the quartz pieces that shot throughout the whole slice) Only $60 a square foot!!!! YIKES!

So, if you have granite, want granite, or just never thought much about granite… I hope I’ve shared a bit of insight into this amazing beauty of nature. Formed from huge amounts of pressure on the earth, thousands of years ago… a gift for us today. Hope you found this as interesting as the “GRANDS” did. They loved this trip.

Hugs, Charlene


Blondie's Journal said...

This is SO interesting, Charlene, given that my granite counters are being installed tomorrow!! WOW!! Look at all that good stuff and all the amazing colors! In it's natural state, of course because all I have done is looked at stores and online! lol!

I hope you get some rain soon girlfriend. Your ground is beyond parched.


Debbie said...

Well you need to go on outings more often for Tx sake!!

I love the granite you found!!

Most importantly, you sent time with loved ones!!!


Holly Loves Art said...

Who knew granite could be so much fun! ha! I grew up in Roseville, which is now called Granite Bay... we used to climb the granite rocks by the lake every summer. Hope you're doing great Sweetie. Kiss that cute little Ellie for me.

Alisa Noble said...

Wasn't that rain glorious?!

Hearts Turned said...

This is wonderful, Charlene! Sorry about your camping trip, though--but happy you got the much-needed rain!

I LOVE our granite counter tops! Our are a gorgeous dark green--so much color and sparkle in it--makes me so happy when it's all clean & shiny & the sun hits it just right!

Hope your weekend is wonderful, dear friend!


LuLu Kellogg said...

Spending time with the Grands is always the best!! So glad you got some rain too!


Decor To Adore said...

I lived in Texas (Dallas) for a few years and traveled all over the state. How did I not know this? Loved the info.

Diane said...

Oh...I did, and I ♥ granite! I know the grands had a blast learning all about this natural wonder =) Yes, please bring more rain, we need it so desperately don't we???

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