Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy   Halloween!

After my trip to Morrow Bay, California (this summer) I had Halloween on the brain.  I bought a cute witch (sorry I'll share her later) a few cute canvas's & a darling little pumpkin girl named EEK!  Hubby & I love this garden shop named Garden Gallery  right down on the waterfront.

The photo above is of a witch named Minerva.  She was a cutie.  Short, fat, wearing red & purple but, she didn't come home... My witch is named Clarice.

This cutie above is my little pumpkin (EEK) girls brother.  Looking in a mirror... I thought that was a darling decorating idea!  Shows front & back for sure.

The cute little buckets were so tempting... one came home & couple of those pumpkin bowls.

When we went back south to visit our friends (Vickie & Ray Orlando) we went to Rogers Garden which is an amazing treat.  It is GARDEN STORE on steroids!!!!  The doll above was found there.  She is a cage doll & if you look closely her skirt is a cage holding a Halloween creature.

The designers used old computer parts, black lights, lab equipment & skeletons to create this display.

And you want to talk spooky??? The dolls below in the jars....

My friend Laurie Garcia has some of the pumpkins (like below) & I thought this was a clever way to display them.  The eyes on these pumpkins look soooooooooooo real.  They made shelves for their heads to sit on & then they used vintage clothes/shoes to make them look like a pumpkin family standing there.

Some of the designers found these huge ceramic/chalk busts & painted them like Day of The Dead.  Every single one of them were sold.

It was a lot of fun & just fueled the Halloween fire.  Sorry I'm so late in posting but, it's been crazy busy.  We were in California most of the summer & then we came home for 3 weeks.  Of course we just moved into our house May 24 so there are boxes galore & I can't find a thing.  But, I knew the good fairies weren't going to be unpacking the house so... off we went to escape the heat.  Once I came home for the 3 weeks there was so much stuff to catch up on with our business no unpacking took place either.  At the end of September I took off to visit with my Art Sisters up in the Washington/Oregon (Terry Brush Art Camp for a long weekend).  WHAT FUN WAS THAT!!!! So, I'll try to get my act together & start posting again on a regular basis.  We'll catch you up on the summer adventures & Art Camp.  But, for now I need to go get the candy ready for all the little spooks!  Have a fun & safe Halloween!


Sandy Navarro said...

Great post! Love the cage doll and now I see where Vickie got her inspiration for her bust. Can't believe I'm right down the street from Roger's Gardens and I didn't get down there to see the decorations. They are always so fabulous! Trick or Treat, my pretty! Hugs,

Karen Valentine said...

Ooohhh! What fabulous Halloween cuties! No wonder you had Halloween on the brain!! My fav. was the lovely witch from Rogers Gardens!
Did you guys have a lot of trick or treaters last night?? We only had about 25 kids total. Every year it's such a let down. Halloween just isn't the same as when we were kids!!

Hope you had fun, whatever you did!
Miss ya!

jeanniemc said...

So glad to hear you are doing well and back home to blog! Love those pumpkin people hanging on the wall--they just made me smile! Can't wait to see all the pictures! Hugs, Jeannie

Diana said...

What fun Halloween decors! I'm with Kim, my favorite is the cage doll. Thanks for sharing.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Oh Charlene, this post is just fabulous!
I just LoVe going to Rodger's Gardens private parties and seeing all the goodies and meeting the artists before the one of a kinds get scooped up. Your photos really do the place justice and are inspiring for all of us.
Thank you for sharing the fun!
XoX Paulette

Alisa said...

Ohmygosh! That doll with the cage skirt!
I've heard a lot about Rogers Garden. Hope to go one day.

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