Friday, December 17, 2010

Food For Thought – A Fairy Tale Christmas!

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It’s Saturday & time for another Food for Thought.  Once again, Jain has asked us to share our favorite Christmas books this month (& recipes from that book if we want to).  For last Saturday I chose my favorite story which was the 1958 version of Jolly Old Santa Claus (go HERE to see that post) but, today I want to share a book that goes OVER THE TOP for Christmas decor.  The book is A Fairy Tale Christmas – Creating Magical Celebrations by Karen Anderson.

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At Lyndhurst, you will go room to room in a romantic fairy-tale castle overlooking the Hudson River in Tarrytown, New York.  Lyndhurst is one of America’s finest Gothic Revival mansions & fifteen main rooms are taken over by storybook fantasies.  The home of the nineteenth-century railroad baron Jay Gould, Lyndhurst is now owned by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

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There are many different stories represented in the decor & in the book.  Just a few of the different themes are:Cinderella, Rumpelstilkins, Peter Pan, Hansel & Gretel, & many more.  I’d like to share a few of my favorites.Goldilocks 1 Cropped

Goldilocks & the Three Bears!!!  Is this adorable or what?

Goldilocks 2 Cropped

Can you stand how precious this is with the 3 different chairs,blocksgreenery & porridge bowls?  I wish you could see these two pages side by side.  And yes, I want to share the rest of my decor with you but, I assure you my bed looks NOTHING like this one with that amazing garland hung on the footboards.

Mermaid 1 Cropped

A nod at a very favorite!!!! The Little Mermaid is near & dear to my heart & brings back fond memories of my time in California!

Mermaid 2 Cropped

Such a 2 die4 bathroom I have never seen.  Now, I have a little mermaid vignette in the windowsill above my garden tub but, I can say that it is no where near so grand as this but, IDEAS are swimming in my head like sugar plaums dancing!  That sink (above) of clear glass balls with the tiny white lights sprinkled among them is divine.

Mermaid 3 Cropped 

Again, the tub filled with clear balls & lights to look like bubbles.  And the fish suspended among the layers of sheer mermaid colors. DIVINE!

Alice Cropped

And who could pass up Alice In Wonderland?  The card garland is so clever!

Snow White Cropped

After I scanned this wonder above… my scanner had a “problem”.  Time for tech support!!!! But, at least I could share the amazing Snow Queen room which I think may be neck in neck as my favorite!  The floor is laid in 12 x 12 mirror tiles & then the snowy scene is set.  AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! 

food for thought logo 300[1]

I hope you go out & find this amazing book & enjoy looking at it as much as I do.  Also, be sure & go visit Jain & the other girls at Food For Thought HERE.  And enjoy!  What was your favorite room? 

HUGS!  Charlene


Karin said...

I just sent you an email....but for some reason I thought the address was wrong....just let me know if you don't get it...hugs..K

Jan Hennings said...

WOW! Beautiful!!! Love that bathroom!

The French Bear said...

Charlene, what a gorgeous book! Of course I love the Snow Queen room but they are all fantastic!!!

a quiet life said...

i am so excited you joined in again, and you bring fairy tales and castles, what a beautiful book!

the 3 bears, be still my little pitter pattying heart...

i love the little mermaid colors, how dazzling! who knew the bathroom could be so festive :)

and alices tree is a knock out, gosh this book really does open up your creative juices!

speaking of juices, i could knock back a few berry aurora borealis!

what a fun post, has me thinking out of the box for sure now, thanks so much for playing at food for thought, next week you better find a puppy santa book and work elle into some holiday magic shots!

Nan said...

I love the Little Mermaid the best.
Hope you and your sweetie have a wonderful Christmas.

Mary said...

What fun~ A Fairy Tale Christmas!The so appeals to the Disney girl in me :-) What fun that would be to see those trees/rooms in person! Love The Little Mermaid but Alice in Wonderland is my favorite~

Your recipes for Snow Cream & Aurora Borealis sound like frosty goodness!

Jill Marcott-McCall ~Feathers & Flight~ said...

Dear Charlene;
I have this Wonderful Book Too! So Many Wonderfully Inspirational Vignettes! Oh What Fun we can Have! Hope you are Having a Wonderful Weekend!
Many Blessings and a Merry Christmas to You and Your Family!

Sarah said...

This books sounds like something I'd love to spend some time with. Need to add it to my list.
Each tree is magical, but it's a toss up between The Three Bears and Alice in Wonderland as to which is my favorite. Thanks for sharing. Happy Holidays! ~ Sarah

Robin Thomas said...

Oh that white tree and mirrors...oh....

Brownieville Girl said...

Oh I love that white room too - lovely post :-} said...

What fantastic themes for the rooms!! I could fall for each and every one of them!!

jude3944 said...


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